Promo by AsiaOne: Win 2 Tickets to Gold Coast!

AsiaOne collaborated with Tourism Queensland launched a promo titled “Win A Holiday for 2 to The Gold Coast”.
Basically, all you need to do is to predict which candidate of the four shortlisted applicants from South East Asia who will make it to the top 10 for “The Best Job in The World” campaign.

Click here to find out more details here

Well.. for this promo, I think you have to live in Singapore, because they will ask for your Singapore’s identity card number.

Ok… now.. let me update you on the vote!
I’m now in the 14th position with 4,033 votes.

11 days more to go! Please keep the votes coming to: or click HERE

Thank you again, guys! I really appreciate your support!!! xoxoxo


  • Go Nila! Sorry… I Just leave comment now.. I actually have read your blog before I knew Leander..

    Heard so many great things about you.. well.. your blog’s spoken for itself anyway… 🙂 salam kenal yaa… I have given my vote.. and I hope you nail it, girl!


  • @ Christopher: thanks, Chris! 🙂

    @ Happygolucky: hey Lely, it’s nice to see you here! so, u’ve been following my blog since a long time ago, haven’t you? thank you!!!
    i also heard a lot of good things about you from Leander :). do u still live in The Netherlands?
    btw, salam kenal juga.. 🙂 thanks for your votes yaaa!

  • @ deni_oktora: yes, i’m indonesian and have been living in singapore since December 2007.

    i live in Singapore, not because of Indonesia sux. it’s purely because I love to explore new places, new things, new adventure! that’s why i took the job offer in singapore :).

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