A Sweet Place to Stay: Echo Homestay

(West Sumatera trip, June 22 – 26, 2014)

Of all the hotels we stayed during the Minangkabike trip, there was one accommodation that was full of charm and characteristics: Echo Homestay in Harau Valley, Payakumbuh, West Sumatera.

Once you get here, you’d be amazed by the landscape around you. High granite cliffs, valleys, rice paddy fields, all the green landscape you can handle, it’s there.. waiting to be appreciated by you. This place is truly a hidden gem!

Echo Homestay has a number of bungalows that are very cozy and gives you a homey feeling. Some of the bungalows have 2-4 bedrooms and bathrooms and the rate varies started from Rp 360,000 – Rp 900,000.- for the whole bungalow. Perfect for a big family! It also has some “bachelor” cottage, which are very cute and basic.. and the rent is only Rp 90,000.-/night!

What I love most from this place is the vibe. It’s very peaceful and quiet. It also offers you fresh air and great landscape. Not to mention, you’ll see some wild monkeys walking around and jumping from one branch of tree to another, happily. Isn’t it lovely? But, don’t forget to close your doors and windows, especially if you have some snacks in the room, or you’ll have some “uninvited guests” accompanying you & enjoying all your food…. the monkeys! Hahaha..

Kids also have big yards to run around. In the mornings, some kids of the waiters love screaming out loud and hearing their voices echoing between the valleys. It’s super cool!

If I have the opportunity, I would definitely return to this peaceful place and stay with my family… to recharge, relax, and celebrate the beauty of life!

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