Traveling to Uluwatu with Kids

Traveling to Uluwatu with kids? Why not? Uluwatu in Bali  is famous for its temple, named Pura Luhur Uluwatu , that is blessed with breathtaking scenery from a cliff overlooking the blue ocean. The name Uluwatu itself comes from  “ulu” which means “lands end” and “watu” which means rock. It is true, though, that Uluwatu is located in the Southwestern tip of Bali.

For the “Little Explorer” program on NET TV , I have the chance to go traveling to Uluwatu with my two year old girl, Sienna. You can also copy our itinerary!

We stay at LeGrande Uluwatu Bali, a five star resort with great facilities. We even play golf here! If you’re into golf, you should definitely check it out. This is the place where you can do your favorite sport and being surrounded with beautiful scenery overlooking the sea.

Not only that, Sienna and I also visit Padang Padang Beach. Julia Roberts filmed Eat, Pray, Love here and Michael Learns To Rock also shot one of their video clips here on this hidden little gem. To reach Padang Padang Beach, you have to walk on several staircases going down, walk into a dark cave with its narrow and rocky pathway! You really have to be careful and watch your step, especially if you’re with children. I carry Sienna on my arms, and yes, it wasn’t easy :D.

Padang Padang Beach  is like a hidden paradise. From the main road, you will not be able to see it. But, once you walk through the cave, suddenly you’re in a little heaven! Wow. So beautiful! It’s totally worth the sweat! Hahaha..

The beach is famous among surfers. But you still can swim and play with your kids, because the big waves are normally in the middle of the ocean, surfers have to paddle quite far.

Check out our adventure traveling in Uluwatu that’s aired on NET TV last Friday!

So, mommies, traveling to Uluwatu with your kids should be on your list – next time you go to Bali! And don’t forget to visit Padang Padang Beach ;). Oh, apart from bringing swimsuit and floaties, you should also bring some drinks and snacks with you, because there’s no food vendors on this beach. Enjoy your holiday in Bali, mommies!

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