Sienna Little Explorer Goes to Europe!

My 7 months old baby girl, Sienna Little Explorer, is now ready to explore Europe! Yeayyy!

I’m taking her to the Netherlands to visit my cousin (and to go back to Amsterdam – where I studied! – gosh, I missed Amsterdam so much!), and some other countries that I haven’t been in Europe, such as Hungary, Portugal, Chez Republic, and Turkey. In total, we will be in Europe for 1.5 months.

Nervous? Of course! Especially since this will be the first time Sienna Little Explorer flying for 15 hours! But lucky that my beloved Mom is coming with and she’ll be with us for two weeks in the Netherlands :). But the excitement beats all the fear. Hehehe.. I’m just excited to be back to Europe again!

And I’m very lucky to have a baby that is not fussy. Sienna Little Explorer is such a happy baby. The 15 hours plane ride goes pretty easy, she doesn’t cry or anything like that. But, I just have to admit, this is the first time I cannot sleep on the plane or even watch movies! Normally, on the long hours flight like this, I sleep like a baby! This time, no chance. Even though Sienna sleeps on the basinet, I still can’t sleep because she wakes up every time she moves to the side. (when she sleeps, she moves 360 degrees! So, you can imagine how hard it is for her to sleep in the tiny basinet! :D)

How about eating my meals?

Well, lucky that my Mom is traveling with me. We take turns. So, either she eats first and I play with Sienna, or the other way around.

Check out these photos of my Sienna Little Explorer 🙂

And.. the sunrise greets us from our plane’s window… welcoming us to the new adventures! 🙂

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