Traveling to South Africa! My 33rd Visited Country So Far :)

Greetings from South Africa!

Sitting here on a desk of my cozy room at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town, I can’t believe that I finally make it, traveling to South Africa, two years after visiting East and West Africa!

And as a bonus, this is winter time. I love winter. Feeling the cold winter air, wearing thick jacket and a pair of knee-length black boots, and a fancy shawl to keep my neck warm, are something that I’ve missed from living in a hot Jakarta.

This is my third day in Cape Town. Some people say it’s a nice city. And I have to admit, they’re right. From the first day when I landed here, on the way to the hotel from the airport, I just cannot believe by what I see from the car’s windows. The beautiful Table Mountain is looking elegantly from far… and the lush green color of the grass, in contrast with the bright blue sky. Oh, it’s just beautiful.

I’m gonna enjoy every minute of my winter time here in South Africa. That’s for sure! Stay tuned to follow my adventure here! 😉

Cape Town scenery
view from the car’s window in cape town
Cape Town
The view of the Table Mountain on my first day of traveling to South Africa


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