My fave menu in Izzi Pizza

Restaurant Review:

I don’t know why but lately I crave for Izzi Pizza’s hot chocolate melt!!!
It seems that I’m addicted to it! Hahhaa.. it’s a chocolate cake serves with vanilla ice cream. When you cut the cake, there’s a melted chocolate in it… so yummy ;).
So, for those who haven’t tried this particular dessert, I think it’s time for you to taste it. I’m sure you’ll love it and will order this dessert in your next visit to this pizza restaurant… hehehe..

Apart from the hot chocolate melt, I love the Greek Salad for the appetizer. As for the main course, I love: Pizza Quattro Formagio and Vegetarian Lasagna (yes, I’m a vegetarian!). The lasagna tastes so damn good!
But, for those who aren’t vegetarian, don’t worry… you have so many choices! My suggestion is.. try the Chicken Breast. It serves with pesto pasta plus sun-dried tomato (my favorite!). Also try the Pizza Beef ‘N Izzi

As for the place, I prefer the one in Mahakam coz it’s cozier. A lot of young people hang out here as well. So, you’ll find a nice atmosphere while you’re having your lunch or dinner here. Oyeah, the wine is quite cheap here, although they don’t really have much types of wines… but that’s okay, at least you can have a sip of wine after having your Italian meals 😉 hehehe..

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