Behind The Screen: “The Beauty of Dieng Plateau”

I’d love to share some beautiful pictures of Dieng Plateau, Central Java. The landscape is very breathtaking. Worth to visit! Seriously.

If you want to see more of these beautiful scenery, don’t miss “Melancong Yuk” on Saturday, 9 February 2007 at 6.30am WIB on SCTV 😉

Beautiful, aren’t they? Those pictures were taken on top of Sikunir Mountain, one of the mountains in Dieng Plateau. We had to wake up at 4am to go there, climbed the mountain (it took about 30 minutes to go up there. I must say, it wasn’t easy to get up there!) and dealt with the cold (around 10 degrees Celcius — it’s cold for an Indonesian girl who’s used to the warm temperature in Jakarta) 😛 hehehe..

In Dieng Plateau, apart from enjoying the stunning scenery, one can visit the oldest Hindhus temples in Central Java. There are Bima Temple, Arjuna Temple, etc. Indonesians are very superstitious, so it is advisable to behave politely and not saying bad words in this area. Guess what, our car’s break was broken after visiting these temples! And also, on the way from Wonosobo to Yogya, the radiator’s temperature was heated, so we had to stay for a while in the middle of nowhere until it’s cooling down. You can call it a misfortune, but a lot of Indonesians believe in superstitious things. (there’s other story about this, but i’ll tell you later if I have time… hehehe.. will update this post soon, I have to run now! :P)

Anyway, the trip to Dieng Plateau was nice. I really enjoyed it. The fresh air, the landscape, the historical places, everything comes in a nice package! Bring your winter jacket if you don’t want to be freezing cold up there yah! ^-^


  • Tika, jalan2x deh ke Dieng.. Indah banget pemandangannya. Serius! Gak bakal nyesel.. Trus, bisa nginep di Guest House Perkebunan Tambi, tempatnya nyaman dan bagus. Kalo perlu alamatnya, aku bisa kasih :). hehehe…

  • Huda: salam kenal juga 🙂 Episode Semarang kayaknya udah pernah dibikin, Hud. Nanti deh aku usulin ke si boss, mungkin angle-nya bisa dicari yang beda :). Thanks for your input yaahh!

  • Mbak Nila..haloo

    Asyiik yaa jadi presenter jalan jalan…
    presenter cewenya kok beda lagi, waktu hari minggu kemaren?
    Ada berapa sih presenternya?
    gimana sih caranya jadi presenter?


  • Wow, the pictures definitely attracts people looking for a serene getaway from the hustle of city life. I spend a lot of time in Indonesia nowadays, but seem to be trapped in the big city life of Jakarta. I think next time around I want to escape for some peace and quiet by the countryside.

    How do you get there? Would a travel agent be able to provide me with bookings, although I would hate to take a ‘package tour’. I would rather wander around and discover things myself.

  • Hi Aci,

    Presenter Melancong Yuk sebenernya ada 2: Ferly dan aku. Tapi aku lagi diliburkan untuk sementara waktu. Hehehe..

    Caranya jadi presenter? Hmm.. kamu kirim CV aja langsung ke TV yang bersangkutan 🙂

  • Hi Mack Zulkifli,

    There are lots of places to explore if you’re in Indonesia. All you have to do is to force your self to go outside the city! 😀

    Ok, to go to Dieng Plateau, you can fly from Jakarta to Yogyakarta (50 minutes only), then rent a car to go straight to Dieng. It takes about 5 hours by car. There are not many nice hotels to stay in Dieng, since it’s a small village. The best one is called Wisma Perkebunan Tambi, which is located right in the middle of tea plantation. Very beautiful!

    You can also stay in Wonosobo, the nearest town from Dieng Plateau. There are more choices for hotels and places to stay. The scenery is also beautiful since the town is surrounded by mountains.. 🙂 Oyeah, don’t forget to try its famous noodle called “Mie Ongklok”! 😉

    Enjoy your trip Mack! Hope you find this explanation helpful. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me yah! 🙂

  • Wow. Fifty minutes by air and another five hour drive sounds far. I guess I have vastly underestimated the total size of the island in general. Still, I have to admit that the best places are the ones that are slightly far flung from the normal tourist traps. Thanks for the tip Nila.

    My next trip I thought of taking the journey outside Jakarta, but it seems that work would not allow me to go to Dieng. That, it seems, require a ‘real’ holiday.

    Guess I’ll just have to brave the city. Sigh.

    Thanks again.

  • Mack, you can go there whenever there’s a long weekend. I guess 4-5 days should be enough, if you don’t really have that much time. Going in the weekend will be tiring since the place isn’t around the corner from Jakarta :).

    No worries, Mack! My pleasure 🙂

  • Halo Nila

    G baru kali ini liat blog kamu
    That’s great.
    Soal Dieng Plateu itu kok rasanya ada sedikit yang kurang ya?
    mungkin penceritaan kamu lebih diperdalam misalnya lebih objective ke karakter, culture, atau kamu bisa lebih bidik ke kerusakan lingkungannya.Nggak bayangan keindahan aja khan?
    O ya rasanya gaya photographi itu kayak gaya lukisnya walter spies atau pelukis jaman moi indie.
    Eh nggak tersinggung khan?

    Thanks Nila,

    Tanzil Putrantara

  • Hi Tanzil (kok nama kita sama2x Tanzil? hehehe..),

    Terima kasih atas masukannya.
    Sebenarnya waktu menulis post tentang Dieng ini saya sedang terburu-buru, jadi memang informasinya kurang lengkap. Tadinya mau saya tambahkan, tapi kemudian saya berpikir untuk menulisnya di sebuah majalah, supaya tulisannya bisa lebih mendalam. Kebetulan dari kecil saya sering berlibur ke Wonosobo (dekat sekali dari Dieng), jadi saya tahu sedikit mengenai kehidupan sosial dan budaya di sana.

    Di blog ini memang sengaja saya perbanyak foto, karena kalo tulisannya terlalu panjang, nanti orang cenderung bosan melihatnya. Hehehe.. Tapi saya setuju dengan anda bahwa info tentang Dieng seharusnya ditambah sedikit :). (nunggu mood nulisnya datang.. hehehe…)

    Sekali lagi, thanks banget untuk inputnya 🙂

  • Dear Nila,
    Your blog site is quite entertaining and interesting.
    And it’s because partly due to informative details AND due to your character.
    …Life is Beautiful… u beat me to the title.I emphsized it to all those who felt the world was against them!
    By the way, u mentioned abt some Hindhu temple in central Java at Dieng Plateau.Would it be exhaustive for old folks to make a trip to these temple’s OR to Dieng Plateau. Any idea on the cost factor?
    Appreciate your feedbacks and time taken.
    Wishing you a life as beautiful as you want it to be!

  • Hi KGuru,

    Glad to know that you find my blog site’s entertaining and interesting. Thanks so much! 🙂

    You can go to Dieng Plateau by car. Just rent a car from Yogya, that might be easier. The cost is vary, I think it’s around Rp 400thou/day. You have to be able to bargain. Bargaining skill is really needed whenever you travel in Indonesia! ;D

    Hotels are not expensive in Wonosobo. It’s around Rp 200thou. You can always stay in Dieng Plateau if you want, but the hotels aren’t that nice over there. Please bear in mind that Dieng Plateau is a small village, so there’s no fancy hotel :).

    Thank you for your wishes. I just lost someone that I love, so I’m feeling blue for the past 7 days. But I’m sure that God has a plan for me and for him too. And there are lots of beautiful things awaiting us, even though we’re not living in the same dimension anymore.

    If you need more details information, feel free to drop me a message.

    Hope you manage to find the time to visit this beautiful place :). Am sure you’ll enjoy the landscape, the fresh air and the culture… not to mention the people 🙂

  • Dear Nila,

    Your blog, I found it quite interesting and informative. So, you are a travel writer? That’s nice..

    I love to travel to Indonesia.. I’m Malaysian (by the way)… I would like to find some information about this Dieng.. Is it far from Semarang?

    Olie Mazlina

  • Hi Olie,
    Dieng isn’t that far from Semarang. You can rent a car or go by bus (up to you) through Wonosobo. It takes about 30 minutes from Wonosobo to Dieng.
    If you need more info about this place, feel free to ask me 🙂

  • Hai Nila,
    Aku mau ke Dieng dari Semarang. Kalau tanpa sewa mobil, mungkin ga yah jalan malem ke sana?
    Trus, aku boleh minta no telp penginapan yang di Perkebunan Teh Tambi?


  • Hello Nila, salam kenal dari saya

    I’m from Malaysia and found your blog while doing my searching on Dieng Plateau.

    bisa gak di emailkan informasi about dieng. the places to visit, accommodation and the tips ini email id nya

  • Salam Kenal …

    I'm and Indonesian but living in Singapore and am going to this place in about next week. I got to know about this place thru watching one Indonesian Movie…heheheh..LOL…fell in love with the place and source for infor. Finally, I'm going and am so excited. I need to know, if my winter jacket can sustain the coldness. I saw in the movie,the place is so foggy. Can you please let me know if I were to go in the morning about 7am from Jogja and reach there in noon, will it be funny if i were to wear a winter jacket there??? If not, I will bring my lighter jacket. Hope you can advise me. Thank you.

    Masayu Ally

  • Hi Mba Nila… Salam Kenal

    agustus taun lalu aku ke dieng sama suami for 2nd honeymmon 🙂 tapi ala backpacker, karna pastinya seru dan byk perjuangannya dgn backpacker 🙂 dan dieng bener2 indah bgt.. byk bgt tempat yg bisa di datangin, bisa ke candinya, air terjun, pemandian air panas, liat matahari terbit dll..

    aku dari jakarta naik kereta sekitar 8 jaman, trus dari stasiun aku naik becak ke jl. Rahayu, dan dari sana naik travel rahayu ke wonosobo harganya Rp. 40.000/org, trus dari terminal wonosobo naik angkot (kayak elf gituh tapi agak besar sedikit) Rp. 7.000/org, angkotnya penuh dan byk dagangan makanan.. trus aku nginep di penginapan Bu Djono yg letaknya deket pintu masuk musium.. penginapannya kayak rumah jama dulu itu tapi enak.. tuk VIP sekitar Rp. 150.000, tuk biasa sekitar Rp. 70.000 (kamar mandi luar), disana hotelnya kita bisa nego tuk di anterin jalan2.. pokoknya kami bener2 terpuaskan dgn pemandangan indahnya Dieng.. pengen bgt kesana lagi..

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