A Day at The Royal Safari Garden with Sienna Little Explorer

Sienna Little Explorer in Bogor

Spending a day at The Royal Safari Garden with Sienna Little Explorer.

The Royal Safari Garden, located in Cisarua, Bogor, Indonesia, has a bunch of animals, a perfect place to introduce your kids to the animals and grow the love of nature. It is also a great place for a weekend getaway – unwind and establish a stronger bond with the kids!

I truly enjoy spending time with Sienna, my 22 months old girl, here, showing her all the different types of animals – the ones she only sees on her books. You name it, from rabbits, swans, horses, birds… to camel! She loves them all, except the camel! I think the size of it kinda freak her out! :p

The Royal Safari Garden also has a nice restaurant which kids will enjoy, because they still can see animals while enjoying their lunch here. Not only that, in some areas, they can feed the animals, too. Such as in the rabbit section. The staff will bring some veggies for you to feed the rabbits. How cute is that?! Sienna digs it!

Check out our adventure at the Royal Safari Garden on NET TV. It’s also up on youtube already :).

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