Little Explorer on NET TV: Me and My Baby’s First TV Show!

Sienna Little Explorer NET TV

“Little Explorer on NET TV”. It’s me and Sienna‘s first TV show! Yeayyy! How did it all happen? Here’s the story.

One day, NET TV, a leading TV station in Indonesia, contacted me and said that they were looking for a host for their new travel show, called “Little Explorer”. The objective of this travel program is to encourage moms to travel with their kids. Many Indonesian moms are a bit hesitant to travel with their kids, because they’re worried that the kids might get sick, too tired, etc. Plus, it’s more troublesome to travel bringing your little ones! So, they asked me whether I was interested to be the host for this new program on their TV, because they knew that I always brought my baby girl every where I traveled! 😀

Of course I said YES!! It was like a dream come true! Traveling is one thing that I love so much. And hosting a travel show on TV with my baby girl… are you kidding me?!! There’s no way I would say NO to this opportunity! I couldn’t be more excited imagining the fun traveling with Sienna, my 18 month baby girl, exploring Indonesia, showing her the beauty of our country. OMG. This would be AWESOME!

So, in short.. NET TV launched this new program and it’s embedded into their news program, called “NET12”. It airs every Friday at noon. And our travel show is named “Little Explorer” and airs at 12.40pm as the last segment of NET12 news program. It’s a short travel show, but enough to show the beauty of the place and the fun activities we do together – as mom & daughter – during our holiday!

Here’s the first episode of the “Little Explorer” on NET TV.
All the episodes will be available on youtube, too 🙂

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think of it! 😉 Thank you!

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