Learning Traditional Balinese Dance at Pondok Pekak in Ubud, Bali

Sienna Little Explorer in Bali

Ubud has a lot of things to offer. From yoga barns, meditation retreat, vegetarian restaurants and cafes to creative places where you can learn more about Balinese culture. Sienna Little Explorer and I have the chance learning traditional Balinese dance at Pondok Pekak in Ubud, Bali. Here, you and your little one not only can learn traditional Balinese dance, but also learning how to play “gamelan” – the traditional instruments. Isn’t it fun? 😉

To me, Pondok Pekak has a nice ambiance. The small entrance door doesn’t do it justice. As you enter the compound, first thing you see is the public library that the owner has set up out of his concerned of the lack of access to books for people in Bali. As you walk further down, you’ll find a big hall with a garden. The hall has a stage with gamelan on each side and nicely decorated in Balinese style. This space is also functioned as a relaxing cafe where people can enjoy the freshly made juice, coffee or ice tea while reading their favorite book borrowed from the library. It’s all open air :).

Introducing our kids to different culture will be beneficial for them. Since I was a kid, I learned traditional Javanese dances and that made me appreciate art and culture at the early age. And I want to instill the love of culture to Sienna, so she can appreciate the different culture that Indonesia has!

Sienna and I have fun doing a short course of “Tari Pendet“, a welcoming Balinese traditional dance. Normally kids in Bali can dance this piece :D.

Check out our adventure that was aired on NET TV last week here on youtube! 🙂

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