What to Eat in Sumedang?

Sienna Little Explorer in Sumedang

What to eat in Sumedang?

Well, other than the famous “tahu Sumedang” (tahu means tofu), there are actually plenty of food to taste while you’re traveling to this part of Indonesia. Sienna, who is now 23 months old, and I try the local fruit, named “Sawo Sukatali”, which has super sweet taste! Yum yum!

Not only that, we also try the “Ubi Cilembu” that comes from the Cilembu Village. This type of yam grows naturally in the village and it has sweet taste, too. The best way to eat it is by grilling it in the oven! OMG. Sooo yummy!!! If I’m not watching my weight, I’ll definitely eat them all! 😀

Check out our episode on NET TV where we explore Sumedang area and tasting the local food here. Yeayyy!

ps: Sienna is wearing a gorgeous dress by @Kireyna_ID 

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