A Fun Day in Orchard Road

The sun was shining brightly when the beach boy and the mermaid greeted the shoppers, tourists and Singaporeans in Orchard Road today. They sent out brochures about Great Barrier Reef as well as their name cards to these peeps happily. Sometimes they even had a chance to talk to them, explaining some highlights of “The Best Job in The World”.

The mermaid (who’s the mermaid? me, of course! LOL) learned a lot from today’s experience. Some people reacted nicely when Greg, the other shortlisted applicant for The Best Job in The World, and I approached them, but… sometimes we got nasty responses, too! Ouch!!! When Greg came to an old lady and said, “Hi aunty, have you heard of the Best Job in The World?”. She shouted, “No. I don’t have time for that!!!” Woooo… okay, Auntie.. understood 🙁

As for me, I approached a guy who passed by with his kid. I spent sometime talking with him about Great Barrier Reef and The Best Job in The World. In the end, I said, “You can also vote for me by clicking this link”. He replied, “I only know you for 5 minutes. And I’m not gonna vote for anyone”. Ouch!!! 🙁 –> me.. disappointed 🙁

Now I know how it feels when people giving out brochures and I often refused to take them (because I would throw it to the garbage bin anyway, so might as well not to take it, otherwise I’d just create more trashes in this world!). But now… learning from today’s experience, I will take the brochures from anyone who offers ones on the street. It won’t hurt taking and reading it, anyway! 🙂

Having said that, fortunately, most of the people that we greeted reacted positively. Some of them were curious about the whole campaign and asked questions such as, “And you got paid from snorkeling, kayaking and doing all those fun activities?”. I said, “Yeah!!! It’s the best job in the world, indeed!!! Don’t you think?”

The mermaid and the beach boy definitely had a lot of fun today. Some friends of ours also helped us out giving away our name cards. Thank you, guys!

I hope they will keep our name cards and check out the links once they reach home! So, hmm.. what d’ya think of our outfits today? 😉


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