A Mermaid in Orchard Road!

For those who live in Singapore, be prepare for seeing a Mermaid with spiky hair and a guy swimming in wetsuit in Orchard Road tomorrow!!!

Do you want to meet them in person? Heyyy.. good news! You could meet them on:

Day/Date : Saturday, March 21st, 2009
Place : The Hereen shopping mall, Orchard Road
Time : 12.00pm – 2pm

Seriously :).

Ok, this isn’t a joke. It’s for real! Greg, the other finalist from Singapore and me are going to promote “The Best Job in The World” and the Great Barrier Reef in Orchard Road. So, please come, drop by and say hi to us!

See you tomorrow!!!

And oh.. Have you voted for me today? 5 days left! Click HERE or go to http://www.islandreefjob.com/nila 😉 Thanks!!! 🙂


  • OMG! ya ampun nilaaaaa, ini ide yang waktu itu kita omongin di borders? OMG OMG!! i wish i could go there and seeing you with that mermaid suit. 🙁

  • hey Nila, i clicked on the link but it doesn’t lead me straight to the voting thing. I got confused and I now I got too lazy to vote. Mebe u should give the more proper link?

  • @ chika: ihihi… yes yes yesssssss!!! i managed to find a mermaid costume! wish you were there with hanny and dimas, we all would have a great time together! it was a lot of fun, girl!

    @ anonymous: the voting period is closed now.. 🙁 but thanks for your support!!! wish me luck as the tourism queensland will announce the top 10 finalists on april 2nd! 🙂

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