Diving with Manta Rays in Komodo National Park

Diving with manta rays in Komodo National Park is something that I’m always fond of! Every time I dive in Komodo National Park, I always want to dive at Manta Point – a spot where manta rays are often could be seen. For me, it is just such an amazing experience to be able to witness how elegant these manta rays are when they’re swimming around with their giant wings.. 🙂 Oh so lovely!

On a trip with Travel Sparks, last Thursday, I had the chance to dive in Komodo National Park. I did three dives that day. The first one was at Sebayur Kecil, then Batu Bolong (one of the top dive sites in the Park), and Mawan. Mawan was also one of the dive spots where we could see manta rays other than Karang Makassar/Manta Point. And… yup.. all of us saw 11 manta rays in that last dive! Wohoooo!! Awesomeness!

I didn’t bring my GoPro nor underwater camera that day, which I regretted. But, lucky that my buddy that I met that day, Henning Kranz, was kind enough to share his footage with me and let me use it for Travel Sparks, too. So, I made a video from his footage and.. voila… here’s the result! Check it out! Let me know what you think 😉

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