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Last week, I had dinner at “Biku” restaurant in Bali, a lovely restaurant with good Indonesian food at a 150 years old house. It has a nice ambience and it’s kinda have a “new age-ish” touch. There is a small book store in the corner that sells books, postcards and some souvenirs for a good cause. I took my time to have a look at their collections.

My eyes fell on a green box in a wooden shelf. What’s that? The text on the green box says: “Now Cards: Guidance for the New Age”. Hmm… It’s interesting, I thought. I took that green box and read the explanation at the back. Basically, it says that the “NOW CARDS” consist of 64 cards that offer clear and practical guidelines to be used for everyone to appreciate the “NOW”. The main principles of these cards are that only CONSCIOUSNESS exists, it is complete unto itself and is present only in the here and now.

I kept on reading…

It also says that each card has been specially created to facilitate a healing process. By following the suggested advice, each card can bring us to a space of clarity and relaxation. Within this, problems can be solved or, even watch them disappear. It is recommended to choose one or two cards and read the guidance within the card each day, and follow the advice for at least one day for maximum benefit.

Wow!!! It sounds indeed interesting.

I’ve been opening the “NOW CARDS” almost every day since last week. What’s my card for the day? It’s a good one, I thought I’d share it with you…

“Be In The Heart”

Turn away from all the thinking and planning and focus on what you are feeling in this moment.

Take the time to sense what is within. Even place your hand over your heart while giving yourself this moment to shift your focus from the mind to the heart.

If you need to act, act from this heart space.

Being in the heart helps to stop the mind.

Being in the heart brings fullness of being where problems and judgments do not exist.

If there is a question of whether to follow your logic or feelings, choose feelings.

This card suggest loving yourself and others.


  • To put it in a nutshell " just pursue what your heart desires" … Logic and intuitions comes from there deep inside your heart. Everyday as soon as you are out from your bed just close your eyes relax and listen to your heart beatings. I am sure you can feel that it tells you " go for it" and once you are done im sure you will have a smile. end of the day just close your eyes and tell your heart " life is not yet done.. still way to go more to get..feel it and live it" you feel that you have trashed all the mishappenings that might have happened on that day.
    finally just " feel it and live it . Live it and feel it" … the moment you start you enjoy even the silliest mistake that you have made in past you feel life is easy to live…
    Remember you are not only person responsible for your mistakes..there is a huge chain of things or people responsible.. so don take whole lot burden and make ur heart pound heavy… it will not lead you a happy life"

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