Travel with Kids to the Taman Safari Indonesia

Sienna Little Explorer in Taman Safari Bogor

Are you planning to travel with kids to the Taman Safari Indonesia?

Taman Safari Indonesia is located in Cisarua, Bogor has accommodation if you wanted to stay there and experience living close with the animals. You can stay in a caravan, which fits for a small family of four people. The caravan has one king sized bed and a bunk bed for your kids. It also has a TV, AC, and ensuite bathroom & toilet.

Just outside the caravan, we can see the animals right away. It feels like we live together with them, even though they’re in a big cage :D. Sienna surely enjoys her experience here, greeting all the animals, and walking around exploring the Safari Garden!

For moms who want to travel with the kids to Taman Safari Indonesia, here are some tips:

  1. Dress your kids in layers. The sun can be bright, but the temperature is actually cool. So, t-shirt, long pants are best, plus prepare a light jacket in the bag, just in case the temperature drops.
  2. Mosquito repellent is a must.
  3. There are some restaurants here, so don’t worry about food :).
  4. If you stay in the caravan, the price includes breakfast, too.

The price to stay in a caravan like this is around 80-100 USD per night, depending on the season.

Check out our episode on NET TVLittle Explorer in Taman Safari Indonesia where I travel with my 22 months old girl, Sienna Little Explorer. Have a fun holiday with your little ones! 🙂

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