Learning to Weave on Sumba Island

learning to weave on sumba island
learning to weave on sumba island

Sumba Island is also famous for its traditional weaving cloth. They are so beautiful!! (yes, don’t forget to buy some!) 😉 It has so many different patterns and four weaving styles. In this episode of “Little Explorer” NET TV, I’m learning to weave on Sumba Island. And it ain’t easy!!

Apparently, not only you have to sit in a very uncomfortable position, your feet also have to be in a certain position and push the weaving tools, so they keep the cloth straight. Then, your hands have to move back and forth, choosing the right cotton strings, etc etc. So complicated! These ladies definitely have amazing skills to be able to do this every day for hours!! :0 Wow.

Every woman has to learn to weave on Sumba Island. So, they start young! According to the local culture, if a girl can’t weave, she will not be able to find a good husband in the future. Oh wow! You definitely do not want that! 😀

After learning to weave on Sumba Island, I also have the opportunity to do a short “cooking class”, making a local cuisine. The name of the dish is quite complicated, but making it is quite simple. The dish is made of cassava leaf mixed with rice. How’s the taste? Uhm… just like any other cassava dish, I think! Hehehe..

Now, it’s time to swim!

Sumba has many beautiful beaches, but this time, we swim in another place. Not on the beach.


Sienna Little Explorer and I are very lucky to be able to visit Weekuri Lake, a gorgeous lake with its turquoise water. The lake has salt water and sandy bottom, just like swimming in the sea. How come? Because it’s located just right next to the big open sea! Hehehe…

If you’re traveling to Sumba with your kids, Weekuri Lake will be a great option for you to swim with your little ones. The water is very calm and the place itself is quite. We have the lake all for ourselves when we’re there! Until later in the day, some locals come and join us to swim. It looks like this place is also a favorite spot for the locals to bring their family for some refreshing swimming.

Check out our adventure in this video and let me know what you think of Sumba! 😉

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