Manta Rays in Komodo Island (part 1)

(Komodo Island Liveaboard Dive trip: May 2nd – May 8th, 2009)

I just can’t wait to upload videos of the live aboard dive trip in Komodo Island! 😀
This video is just a teaser ;)… it was taken on our 3rd day of the dive trip around the island.

That morning, we woke up at 7am to do morning dive at Manta Alley. It was a great dive, we saw easily 10 manta rays swimming around…
We told the dive center crew that we didn’t mind to dive at Manta Alley again. So, the next day, we did another morning dive at the same site!!! Hahaha… and… on that dive, omigod… manta rays EVERYWHERE… AMAZING!!!

We were at their cleaning station, the current was extremely strong, we had to use the reef hook and just hung in there. Manta rays all around us.. you name it… black manta, white manta… they’re “parking” right in front of us, on our left, on our right and…. above us!!! They basically just stayed there for more than 30 minutes, until our group had to ascend… WHOA!!! It was amaziiiingggg…

… (check the video “Flying with Manta Rays (Part Two)”, too!) 🙂

ps: the date written on this video should be: May 5th and 6th. I must’ve been drunk when creating this video! LOL. Too much nitrogen, for sure! 😀


  • I love manta rays! They are one of my favorite animals. I cannot imagine how great it must feel to be in their presence.

    One day I hope to do this! First I need to learn how to scuba dive !!!

  • Memphis, I looooveeee manta rays, too!!! Can’t get enough of them, really.

    Ok, now you know what to do this weekend: go to a dive center and subscribe yourself to an Open Water dive course!!! 😉

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