Making Tasty Chocolate at Pod Chocolate Factory in Bali

Sienna Little Explorer making chocolate at Pod Bali
Making Chocolate at Pod Chocolate Factory, Bali

There is a cool place in Bali that’s worth visiting with your kids. This “Little Explorer” episode on NET TV shows our adventure making tasty chocolate at Pod Chocolate Factory in Bali. How fun!

Located in Ubud, the Pod chocolate factory is a great place for kids to learn the process of making chocolate, being creative in decorating their own chocolate, and.. tasting all the different flavors of chocolate that this brand has to offer! Oh wow. It’s like a little heaven for them, huh? 😀

Sienna has so much fun eating the colorful toppings and licking the melted chocolate on her fingers while we’re decorating chocolate bars! And.. we also get those chocolate to be brought home! Yeayyy!

If you want to do this, the package is Rp 250,000 per person. It could be one of the things to do with your kids while you’re holidaying in Bali ;).

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