Where to go in Cape Town? A must visit list!

where to go in Cape Town
the view from Table Mountain

Where to go in Cape Town? Cape Town in South Africa has plenty of beautiful sites to visit. It is actually my favorite city in South Africa. It’s cleaner, more beautiful, and more hips as compare to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Plus, the landscape is just gorgeous! If you travel to South Africa, make sure you spend a longer time exploring Cape Town than the other cities.

So, back to the question: where to go in Cape Town? Here’s my must visit list of places to go, if you only have limited time there:

  1. Table Mountain.Visiting Table Mountain is A MUST! This view from the mountain and the mountain itself are just breathtakingly beautiful. If you’re up for a hike, you can actually walk to the top of the mountain by foot. Many tourists choose to use the cable car and so did me and my fellows :D.
    Table Mountain Cape Town
    a rock climber!

    I went there in winter, so it was quite freezing. But I enjoyed it. Coming from a tropical country, I always enjoy the crisp and fresh air the winter has to offer. Love it. Even better if it’s snowing! Hehehe.. I walked around the Table Mountain once I reached the top and it was a pleasant walk with such a gorgeous scenery all around. Really.

    Table Mountain Cape Town

    you jump, i jump
    you jump, i jump! xD


    walking on the top of the Table Mountain
    walking on the top of the Table Mountain… a nice walk! 


    the view from Table Mountain
    the view from the Table Mountain
  2. Robben IslandA day trip to Robben Island is totally worth it. Not only the place is interesting, but you learn so much about the history of the country. Our guide was an ex prisoner, lived in the prison in Robben Island for years. He shared his life experience living in the prison and how terrible it was. He was in prison at the same time as Nelson Mandela. He said, everybody loved Nelson Mandela. “He’s our forever hero”, he said.Robben Island
    In Robben Island, we can see the room where Nelson Mandela spent 27 few years of his life in prison. I wouldn’t call it a room, because the space is just so small! It’s only around 2 meters x 2 meters! :0 With all the stories shared by our guide, I left the island feeling mixed. Sad. Inspired. A bit depressed. Angry. But also happy that I had the chance to visit this place and learn more about the history and issues this country had to face.

    Robben Island Cape Town
    Nelson Mandela’s room when he was in this prison in Robben Island


    the prison and the guide
    the prison and our guide
  3. Slave Lodge
    Slave Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. In this museum, visitors can also learn about the long history of slavery in South Africa. There was one room with the world map showing the slavery routes back then. This room used to be a room where they kept and tortured the slaves. Being there, imagining how terrible it was to be one of the slaves, gave me goosebumps. The slaves was kept in this room without window, dark, and cold. Damn.Slave Lodge Cape Town
    I looked closely at the world map and was surprised to find that they also had slaves from Indonesia! In another room, they had thousands of names of the slaves that died during the slavery period. And I found some names from Indonesia! How did I know? Because they put the island where they came from. For example: Nila van Java, or Nila van Bali. This was quite surprising for me, because at school, in all of the history lessons that I had, none of them mentioned about this! It made me wonder how little we know about what’s going on back then and how many percent of the history that we studied in our own country was real or true.Around the Slave Lodge, it’s actually a nice neighborhood. I enjoyed the walk, especially in the path covered by leafs. Beautiful.

    it looks like autumn, but it's winter!
    it looks like autumn, but it’s winter!
    happy me
    a happy me
  4. Hout BayHout Bay Cape Town
    A trip to Hout Bay is also nice. Please spare a good one day for this trip, because you’d enjoy it. The scenery, the drive, everything is beautiful.Hout Bay: where to go in Cape Town
    My local friend asked me to dip my toes into the sea water. But hey, it’s winter! And I didn’t feel like taking off my boots for that 😀 It’s so weird to be on the beach wearing winter clothes!! Hahaha.. Where’s my bikini?! 😀

    on the beach with winter clothes! :D this is so wrong!
    on the beach with winter clothes! 😀 this is so wrong!
  5. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V&A Waterfront) 

    If you love shopping, this is the place to go in Cape Town. The shopping mall is quite big and has everything you need. South Africa is famous for its diamonds. There are plenty of diamond stores in this shopping mall. The most famous and credible one is called Brown’s. Feel like buying some bling bling? ;)When I was at V&A Waterfront, I looked at the sky and was stunned. Check this out.

    where to go in Cape Town
    gorgeous sky in Cape Town
  6. Vineyards

    A trip to Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without visiting the vineyards. There are many vineyards in Cape Town and around. And they’re beautiful! 🙂 Take some time to visit these vineyards, do the wine tasting, and just relax enjoying the beautiful scenery while siping a glass of wine or two or three! 😀

    where to go in cape town
    soaking the peaceful vibe in the vineyard

So, now you have this must visit list on where to go in Cape Town! Yeayyy! 🙂 My tips for female travelers, don’t walk alone in the quiet area. If you’re traveling solo, choose places where there are a lot of other tourists or people. The locals actually do not advice us to travel alone in South Africa, even in Cape Town. Just be careful and avoid wandering alone at night!

Enjoy your trip in Cape Town! 🙂

winter in Cape Town
winter in Cape Town

Rodden Island

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