24 hours a day

Have you ever experienced this, at least for once in your lifetime?

You don’t feel like doing anything
Things that you love to do, suddenly are no longer appealing
… You change. You’ve become a stranger to yourself.

Then when you start to get back on your track
And get excited on things that you used to love and longed to do
Suddenly the world turns busy
And you don’t have time to touch those things

What a pity
Shouldn’t we all have time to do things that we love?

How do you divide 24 hours a day into work, read newspapers, read book(s), write (anything), meet friends, go to the gym, watch movies, go to theater play, etc etc.. yet still able to help others and do your own so called social responsibility?? (it’s known as Corporate Social Responsibility in business term, but I call it as Personal Social Responsibility)
Sometimes I feel 24 hours a day are not enough.
What do you think?


  • Nila,
    It is true that 24 hours is never enough beacuse all you have in life is desire. Now, it depends on you how to deal with it. The more desire you have the more time you need, even entire life will never enough. I won’t push my self hard for all things I desire. Coz I believe, the more desire I have the more sadness and happiness I have to face. Sadness for the unreachable desire and happiness for goals achieved. Now, I am on try to feel enough and realize that everything is perfect on its place. No matter how bad or good it is, coz both makes this life beautiful (your word!) or perfect. 🙂
    Whenever you feel enough with all dualities, that is the moment of celebration coz you are one step forward to adultness.

    Let’s live our best life!!

    Cheers always!

  • mbeerrrr… i wish at least there is 48 hrs a day… and 9 days per week, so make it 4 days of weekend.
    Makanya ke africa yuk jeung, enak nih santaaaaiiii… 😀

  • Maha: “Everything is perfect on its place”
    Wow. I love that phrase!
    Yup, sometimes I feel that my life is just like a roller-coaster! (it is!)
    And I guess it’s true that we shouldn’t push ourselves too hard on things that we desire.
    I think, when we get more matured and experience more things in life, we start to realize that and try to take it easy on things…

  • 4 days of weekend! I’d love that! 😀
    darliiing… emang disana santai ya?? udah deh jangan bikin sirik, secara depan rumah tinggal jalan kaki dikit langsung pantai gitu ya booo… uuuh.. curaaaang!!!

  • hi nila,

    yea…i wish i have more than 24 hours a day too. can you imagine, in 24 hours i have to deal with looking after the kids, doing errands around the house, cooking, shopping, walk the dog, going to the gym, and working? there are those days that i just feel wanna bury my head under the pilow forever… but…that’s life i suppose. and actually, if we can manage our time wisely we still can have a spare moment for doing things for ourselves.

    oh ya nil…do you mind if i put your blog on my site too? hope you don’t mind yea cos i’ve already did it before i ask you…hehee..sorry.. my web is thenotebookbyme@blogspot.com feel free to have a look and more than welcome to leave comments.

    okay, hope you have a great week-end! kapan2 jalan2 ke perth yukk?? kan deket loh dari jak…free accommodation nil, for sure hehehe..:D tapi ga bintang lima yea…qeqeqee…

    bye now,

  • Yes, I understand how you feel. I’ve been losing my ‘passion’ of life for 2 months and finally getting it back recently. As you said, 24 hours is never enough for me now. But I took every second of it to say to God, how grateful I am to get my passion back. Guess, I love my life more now! 😮

  • Nila … Time is never enough!!

    Perhaps when we take life in terms of quality rather than accomplishments/tasks itself…

    then everyday is a gift from God & `Life is Beautiful … !! 🙂 🙂

  • Nila,

    I feel the same way… Sama banget !!!!! Adduuuhhh… Rasanya semua kok jadi serba gimanaaa gitu….
    Once.. I had a moment dimana aku berusah untuk diam dan memikirkan itu semua dengan kepala dingin dan hati yang tenang…. Jawabannya ?
    I enjoy every single moment within my precious 24 hours a day… Bad time… Good time… Bete time… Ketawa2 time… Meeting time… Macet time… Sms time… every single thing…..

    Hope it will works on you too….


  • ria darling, oh am sure taking care of your super heroes twins isn’t an easy task and for sure they’ll make you busy, always! 😀
    (but they make you happy as well, aight?) 😉

  • the razzler, thx for reminding me that quality of life is much more important than accomplishments/tasks itself. it’s really something and it makes me think. big thanks bro!

  • Mida, kayaknya makin tua makin ada2x aja ya.. dulu pas jamannya kuliah, semuanya terlihat lurus2x aja gitu loh… huekekek.. 24 jam cukup2x aja tuh.. malah berlebih. hehehe…
    Tengkyuw utk komentarnya yahhh.. miss u, girl! 🙂

  • Is it time that is not enough or us that want too much?

    Slow down, darling. Life is beautiful, but we can’t see it if we are riding a 250mph car.

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