Behind The Screen: “The Beauty of Dieng Plateau”

I’d love to share some beautiful pictures of Dieng Plateau, Central Java. The landscape is very breathtaking. Worth to visit! Seriously.

If you want to see more of these beautiful scenery, don’t miss “Melancong Yuk” on Saturday, 9 February 2007 at 6.30am WIB on SCTV 😉

Beautiful, aren’t they? Those pictures were taken on top of Sikunir Mountain, one of the mountains in Dieng Plateau. We had to wake up at 4am to go there, climbed the mountain (it took about 30 minutes to go up there. I must say, it wasn’t easy to get up there!) and dealt with the cold (around 10 degrees Celcius — it’s cold for an Indonesian girl who’s used to the warm temperature in Jakarta) 😛 hehehe..

In Dieng Plateau, apart from enjoying the stunning scenery, one can visit the oldest Hindhus temples in Central Java. There are Bima Temple, Arjuna Temple, etc. Indonesians are very superstitious, so it is advisable to behave politely and not saying bad words in this area. Guess what, our car’s break was broken after visiting these temples! And also, on the way from Wonosobo to Yogya, the radiator’s temperature was heated, so we had to stay for a while in the middle of nowhere until it’s cooling down. You can call it a misfortune, but a lot of Indonesians believe in superstitious things. (there’s other story about this, but i’ll tell you later if I have time… hehehe.. will update this post soon, I have to run now! :P)

Anyway, the trip to Dieng Plateau was nice. I really enjoyed it. The fresh air, the landscape, the historical places, everything comes in a nice package! Bring your winter jacket if you don’t want to be freezing cold up there yah! ^-^

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