Finding a Whale Shark in Probolinggo!

So happy that finally I encountered a whale shark in my life!!! Yeahhhh!!!

I made my way to Bentar Beach, Probolinggo, East Java only to try my luck to see whale sharks. I wasn’t lucky on my first day. It was raining hard and no boats going out to the sea. Me and Andy went back to the hotel with blue face :(.

The next day, we marched again to the Bentar Beach. The sun was shining brightly and I thought, “Today would be my lucky day!”. And yes!! We saw 1 baby whale shark! Woohooo… The whale shark was even playing around nearby our boat! I even swam next to it! Oh.. how lucky I was! ^-^ Thank Universe for being so kind to me… 😉

Here’s the video of the whale shark that I took from the boat. Enjoy! 🙂

After having fun swimming with the whale shark, we didn’t continue our mission in finding another whale sharks. Why? We thought that the water was too murky. We couldn’t even see the whale shark underwater even though it was right in front of us! Satisfied with seeing only one whale shark, we told the Captain to drive the boat back to the shore.

Good bye, whale shark! Hope to see you again next year… with your friends, too!!! 😉

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