Meet and Greet with Yellow Rhinopias in Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi!

Lembeh Strait, located in Sulawesi, Indonesia is known as a critters heaven for scuba-divers around the globe. Divers can find different species of fish, unusual ones, that can’t be found else where. It’s definitely the place for those who love macro stuff and underwater photography!

I spent about a week diving in Sulawesi back in October 2009, which included a three days of diving in Lembeh Strait. And during those dives, I found many weird fish that I haven’t seen before! It was such an amazing experience…

In one of those ‘weird’ fish that I encountered, there’s one fish that I think was special. It’s called rhinopias. What makes it special for me is not only the fact that it’s rare, but also the look of the fish, the beautiful and transparent fins, the face, and also the extra-ordinary ‘walking-style’ it has!

Check out the video of yellow rhinopias that I recorded in one of the dives in Lembeh Strait:

So, what type of fish is it?

Rhinopias is actually a type of scorpion fish. It utilizes camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. This species of fish are rare, but according to Wikipedia, they sometime appear in the aquarium trade and being sold at high prices. So sad! 🙁

I personally don’t support aquarium trade. Let these rare fish live happily in their original habitat and produce more babies to support their existence on this planet!

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