Komodo Dragons’ Lunch Time!

Komodo dragons can be found on Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Gili Motang, Indonesia. Tourists who want to see these ‘last dinosaurs on the planet’ in their original habitat, can make their way to Komodo Island and Rinca Island – both located in Komodo National Park.

I’ve been to Loh Liang, the tourist concession area on Komodo Island, many times. That’s because I was once hired as a consultant to work there. And in some of my visits to the site, I was lucky enough to witness the komodo dragons eating their prey, alive! One day I saw them eating a goat in less than 10 minutes! The other day I saw them fighting over a female dragon, standing on their feet and hitting one another with their hands and huge tails. Wow!! A pretty intense scene to watch.

This time, I’m going to share with you a scene of komodo dragons enjoying their catch of the day: a Timor deer!

FYI, no one is allowed to feed the dragons. This scene happened when I was chatting at the lobby of the entrance and suddenly the rangers called me, “Mbak Nila… quick… quick! A dragon just caught a deer!”

We rushed to the spot and saw a bunch of adult komodo dragons already circling the poor deer. The deer was laying on the ground, dying. Soon, the dragons started to bite and eat it alive.

Here’s the scene. I have to put a disclaimer and warn each of you that it’s not a pleasant scene to watch, if you’re a kind of person who feels weak by seeing blood. And please, don’t watch it with your kids. They might get a nightmare after watching this video!

Interestingly, komodo dragons don’t fight over food. They will eat together, just like what you’ve seen in the above video. They only fight over women. Sounds familiar, eh? 😛

Komodo dragons don’t have to eat everyday. They only need to eat once a month. No wonder they still survive until now! And, the female komodo dragons are even more amazing. They can survive with fasting for 9 months! It happens when female komodo dragons wait for their eggs to hatch. That’s why, the size of female komodo dragons are smaller than the male ones.

When do the dragons hunt for their prey?

Usually, they hunt for their prey around 3pm-5pm. So, guys, if you happen to be there around this hour, watch out! 😉

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