Flying on a Trike in Bandung – 5.000 feet!!

(Bandung, July 2nd, 2013)

It was a misty morning in Bandung and I had to wake up pretty early, at 5am to go to the navy airport.

What for?

To fly on a Trike in Bandung! Yippeee!!!

I’ve been on a helicopter ride in Palau, Micronesia and it was super cool as I saw a bunch of dugongs from above the sea. This time, I didn’t see any dugongs from the Trike, but being on a Trike itself was also a cool experience. Somehow this thing didn’t really look convincing at all. The wings were thin and they looked fragile. It looked like a giant mosquito flying in the air :D.
But, I was up for any adventure! I really wanted to try the sensation of flying on a TRIKE. So, I was so excited to be able to experience it.

The pilot’s name was Pak Dadang. He’s been flying this Trike since 1982 and he’s the most senior among other pilots that day. So, I felt much safer now :). I trusted him. Sometime you just have to trust people that you just met ^^.

Pak Dadang worked at a pilot school as an instructor. He also owned several Trikes, including the one that I used that morning. So cool. I had a lot of conversation with him during the one hour we were up in the air. His wife didn’t like this sport at all. She never wanted to try, but luckily, she was OK with his husband’s hobby.

I enjoyed the scenery very much. The hills and mountains looked so peaceful and calming from above. The mist made it even more romantic and the air temperature dropped as soon as we’re in the 5.000 feet. It was a bit chilly and I was happy to wear my wind breaker jacket to keep me warm from the heavy wind. I just wished my other half was there, enjoying this beauty with me…

Pak Dadang said that he flew Trike every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, for one hour/each day. The furthest point was to Lampung! Can you believe it?? I was surprised to know this thing could fly that far! He said it took 6 hours to go to Lampung by Trike, with a stop to refill the fuel. Wow!

Check out the video I took from 5.000 feet on a Trike:

From 5.000 feet above the water, I felt blessed. I felt blessed to witness the beauty of life. I felt blessed to see the gorgeous scenery all around. And I felt blessed that the Universe has given me a chance to see 26 countries, countless cities, villages and beautiful beaches.

Thank you for the beautiful life.. I enjoyed every second of it and would always make the most out of it!

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