Weh Island, the Most Western Point of Indonesia

weh islandGreetings from Weh Island, the most Western point of Indonesia!

I’m so happy to finally have the chance to visit this island. As an Indonesian, we have heard about this island since we’re in elementary school. There’s even a famous song, titled “Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke”. A song that mentioned Sabang, the city in Weh Island, and Merauke, the city in Papua, to reflect how big our country is. From Sabang, the most western point, to Merauke as the most eastern point of Indonesia.

Weh Island itself is blessed by beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, gorgeous corals, as well as some historical sites.

I managed to visit and spend my first night on Iboih. The beach here was empty and untouched! Only a few local boats parked on the soft sand beach. Such a peaceful place!

So excited to be in this beautiful place. I’ll write another post on this island soon! 🙂


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