Diving in Togean Islands, Sulawesi

(Togean Islands & Gorontalo trip, December 24th, 2013 – January 2nd, 2014)

Spending 5 days on Kadidiri Island in Togean Islands – mainly for diving. I did 2-3 dives a day. In total, I did 11 dives in different dive sites. What I love from diving here are its beautiful corals, gigantic sponges (biggest I’ve ever seen!), and great visibility up to 40 meters in almost every dive.

Unfortunately, there’s no pelagic fish. Zack saw 1 black tip reef shark, but I didn’t. And some divers at Kadidiri Paradise resort saw eagle rays, but I didn’t :(. Anyway, here’s my favourite dive sites on Togean Islands:

1) Pinnacle at Una-Una Island

This dive site has thousands of colourful reef fish, including teenagers of mandarin sweet oriental (so many of them) and… thousands of schooling Jack fish!! Gorgeous corals all around, too. The schools of jack fish are incredible. They’re just EVERYWHERE!

2) Apollo at Una-Una Island

Schooling of BARRACUDAS! There are thousands of them! It’s amazing… ^^

3) B24 Wreck

Diving in a wreck always gives me some eerie feelings, but having said that, it always excites me! The B24 bomber wreck isn’t too big, but still pretty cool to see. One of the four propellers is still there, which is pretty cool. My favourite is the cockpit. It’s still intact! The pilot’s chair, the wheels and the flaps are all there. Coolio!

4) Little Lembeh

I love muck dive. Even though there’s no coral, there are actually plenty of fish and creatures to see in a muck dive. This time, the super star is… seahorses! There are two seahorses that I see in Little Lembeh. One is black, the other one is red. And I just notice that a seahorse will pretend to die by putting his/her head into the sand if he/she feels threatened. Oh, so cuteeeee!!!

If you stay on Kadidiri Island, you should definitely make your way diving in Una-Una Island. There will be some extra costs to rent the boat, but it’s definitely worth it! 🙂 Happy diving, folks!

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