Thank you for all bloggers

Dear bloggers,

I would like to thank you for all your support. Am very sorry that I haven’t been able to give any comments related to the statement of The Malaysian Tourism Board Tengku Adnan yet (on the “Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women”)) as I was still mourning of the loss of my special person in life.

I’m very touched to read the posts in the blogosphere. Just to mention some of them:
Susan Loone, Elizabeth Wong, screenshots, Nuraina A Samad, Kak Teh, Skthew, Marina Mahathir, and many many more.

And today, I got even more responses in my blog as Tengku Adnan made a clarification on the remarks last week on women bloggers by saying “I didn’t mean all women. I was referring to Indon journalist” (,
Elizabeth Wong.

Soon after, I got a phone call from one of the online media in Indonesia, asking me about this matter. The media wrote 3 articles regarding this issue and there were some comments as well from the readers in their website as well as in my blog.

Reading all the comments and posts in the blogosphere, I’d love to thank all of you for the supports. As a blogger, all I wanted to do was to tell the truth, share my experience (and hopefully readers can learn from it), thoughts and how I felt toward certain things. I’m sure that’s what we all do 🙂

So, again, thank you for Indonesian bloggers, Malaysian bloggers and all bloggers in the world! As for Malaysian bloggers, thank you for your posts and comments. I would love to visit your country again, and maybe promoting Malaysia in the near future (if not in the TV station – coz I’m still being suspended, could be in the printed media as I’m also a writer for a travel magazine).

Nila Tanzil


  • dearest Nila, thank you to YOU for bringing Malaysians and Indonesian bloggers closer. We are with you in this. We are sorry for your great loss and we feel your pain. Be brave, be strong. For truth prevails even if the last star in the universe grows dim. Take care and dont stop blogging!

  • You’re only being true to yourself and being one of the few journalist left in this part of the world who gives us what has been missing from our news, the truth.

    Being a journalist you evidently carries the burden of telling the truth or keeping some higher-ups happy. We hope you would continue to bring us real experiences visiting countries – no bull and no-holds-bar which has earned you admiration and respect from bloggers all over the world.

    We could do nothing but mourn with you on the loss of your colleague and friend, but I’m sure he would be very proud of you and what you’ve done.

    Cheer up and be strong, you have made this world a little better and are amongst friends in these parts of the world.

  • Nila,

    Justice would be served on those who smeared your integrity.

    We Malaysians are sorry for having a dim-wit minister who has nothing good for the society except to pour scorns and pass the blame.

    I believe you will be better off in the coming days as the present set-back is just temporary to enable better things to happen.

  • You spirit for information freedom is well respected and you don’t deserve what they did to you or maybe it was actually them who didn’t deserve to have such a vibrant young and courageos journalist like yourself. We are all behind you supporting you. Keep your head high and you will find the strength again, in all there is always a silver lining out there for you.

  • Dear Nila Tanzil,

    Let the past be the past. SOmetimes people are born in ignorance, and they’re trying hard to establish themselves they forgot they’re not capable, qualified and rational to do so.

    I’m sorry for your lost. May God bless him.

  • Nila….Sorry to hear about the situation you are in.Those dumbasses will pay for it,one of these days.What a shame it is for Malaysia. I can understand how bloggers like Susan,Marina and all the rest feel, the evils that their country’s administration has done to you.We do not blame all Malaysians because there are good ones too.
    Take care.

  • Salam kenal Mbak Nila,
    Aku warganegara Indo yg tinggal di Malaysia selama 5thn lebih. Beberapa waktu ini ini aku baca di koran The Star di sini mengenai “kasus” ini, tapi gak gitu ngerti hal sebenarnya (karena waktu itu aku sekilas pandang, gak membaca berita penuhnya). Baru kemarin aku terbaca salah satu blog org Malaysia yg ada mengulas ttg mbak, baru aku tau ttg blog mbak ini dan baru ngerti duduk persoalan sebenarnya. Aku juga baru tau mbak itu siapa (maaf, mungkin gara2 udah lama gak di Indo). Aku juga turut berdukacita atas musibah yg menimpa pacar mbak. Aku doain semoga mbak diberkati Tuhan selalu dan semoga mbak tabah dan kuat menghadapi rintangan ini. God bless your effort, Mbak. Oh ya, mbak, aku yakin kupu2 itu adalah papa dan pacar mbak. Karena kita Chinese punya keyakinan kalo kupu2 adalah penjelmaan dari roh orang yg kita cintai. I wish for all the best things happen to you. Keep smiling and be tough. Nice to know you. Have a nice day!

  • How I sympathize with you for being victimized just because you told the world of what you believe is the truth. You must have the steely courage of staying the course and this incident will make you more the better.

  • go go Nila.
    Just forget the bluffing of that Tengku something…
    Telling the truth is not a sin and not break the law!

  • it’s ok Nila, people doesn’t take politician’s words seriously these days. as it is some full of jargons, many don’t understand.

    as long as you know what you write and you are telling the truth, it’s alright.

  • Hi Nila,

    I’m a Malaysian and I can happily attest that most of our Barisan politicians are class A idiots. I honestly don’t know how any sane person can continue voting these imbiciles (and there are many) that are not content with *just* running the country in the most chronically inept way, but must pile on embarassment and ridicule on a truely international scale in the stupidest fashion. Really Malaysia Boleh!

    But as long as your original ‘report’ was accurate and sincere – you shall prevail. Don’t let this get to you ya!

    All the best,
    A Malaysian

  • hey nila,

    i just read about the malaysian minister incident 🙂

    frankly it tells a lot about poor governance and accountability in malaysia more than anything else.

    i’m really sorry that you got suspended, but i suppose that’s the risk you take when blogging about your job.

    keep your chin up!

  • Hi Nila,

    Don’t be afraid telling the truth….

    I just came from Malaysia and got the very disapointed things. we went to malaysia for business purpose and we booked the limo taxi from KLIA to Boulevard Hotel (Mid Valley).

    They are very tricky, because we booked for go and back which is 150RM. however, they charge from KLIA to Hotel with my name and from Hotel to KLIA using my friend name. so we got cost 300RM (supposed 150RM if under 1 name)and they can’t void the amount from Hotel Billing.

    So who is the LIAR?…….

    Hope Mr. Malaysia Tourism Minister read this comment and if they want to see the bill i can send it to all of you….


    Fredyan (Trully Indonesian)

  • nama saya savitri setyorini. saya asalnya dari binjai, sumatera indonesia. say afaham perasaan Nila kerna saya pernah kerja di Malaysia selama 3 tahun. kini saya dah pulang ke Indonesia. Orang Malaysia pandang hina pada orang Indonesia , sangka mereka kita semua orang miskin dan tak berpelajaran. Indonesia sebenarnya lebih baik dari Malaysia.

  • Nila,

    I am a Malaysian.

    Firstly I want to say that you have asked a few fair questions to our tourism board. I do not see why the need to react to your questions.

    Just take heed of your report, investigate and if true just buck up and move on. But NO…. just had to say something stupid under the media glare, and then add more fuel by saying that you are a liar.


    I went to Jakarta and Yogja last year, and while Jakarta is trully filled with people and quite dirty (well KL is just as well actually), both places are beautiful. They say Javanese are very refine in their manner, and I concur.

    This is especially true in Yogya. It is an amazing city, and so much too see. Those budget hotels adjacent to Molioboro St are very clean. And the night time lelehan experience is refreshing. I love the tasty nasi Gudek. Since back here, I have been promoting Yogya to fellow Malaysians “go man visit Indonesia.”

    Your country has a bright potential, if the current gov can run it well.

    To Savitri,
    Saya faham ada orang Malaysia yang pandang hina pada Orang Indo.
    Bukan semua orang begitu.

    To Fred,
    You are not the only one…even WE Malaysians are conned by these limo company!

    MC of KL

  • hello Ms. Nila….Ignore that dim/dum/nitwit tourist Minister of Malaysia. Ordinary Malaysians apologise to you sincerely and sorry to hear the lost of your dear one.
    Relax for awhile and take it easy.
    Bless you.

  • As a Malaysian myself, I am truly shocked to hear the news and words coming from our own Tourism Minister. What he said truly reflect himself as a stereotypist, naive and not up-to-his-task. Please don’t stop bloggin…. let not anyone silence our thoughts and words.

  • Nila,
    Unfortunate…that you are experiencing this
    Unfortunate….that some of your contryman seem to think Malaysia ‘pandang hina’ to Indonesians
    Unfortunate….that you are now suspended from ‘M.Yuk’
    but all this ‘unfortunates’ only spell bigger trouble for Malaysia, as that 1 person who is responsible for promoting Malaysia, has done the exact opposite.

    The next time you want to see Malaysia, the REAL MALAYSIA, better to just contact us!

    Oh…as for Malaysian’s generalising Indonesians, I guess Indon’d must also take partial blame for those causing trouble here, illegally, and criminally!
    (Just as Malaysians should own up to it in US, Japan, etc, working illegally!!)

    Stay strong, always.

  • Mydeen wonders why all the scorn is being heaped on the minister with none saved for SCTV who suspended Nila in the first place ?

    Are we trying to spin this situation into something else again, as has been done in the past ?

    So really, why did SCTV suspend Nila ?

  • Hi Nila,

    Firstly, my heartfelt best wishes to you in light of everything that’s happened recently. I guess it’s true – when it rains, it pours.

    But be strong… mine and numerous other Malaysian bloggers’ prayers are with you!

    Got here via Susan Loone’s blog, and I noticed that you wanted in on Blogger’s United. Easy. Just hop on over to the ‘Commander-in-Chief’s post here, and link to any one of the logos he has up.

    God bless… safe journey and back… PEACE!

  • nila…semua org merasa susah didalam dunia nie melainkan dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang kaya…. acir org malaysia…moyang acir pun drpd indonesia…acir x salahkan semua org, keadaan yang menentukan nasib seseorang didalam dunia nie. Kita hendaklah mempunyai ketabahan dalam menempuhi cabaran hidup dan pandai memilih kawan yang dapat membantu kita di masa susah….aperpun tabahkan diri mu Nila…

    acir2004…budak psikik malaysia

  • I am a Malaysian Socio-Political Blogger. Tunku Adnan shd have done the gracious thing to employ you for the job opening at Jakarta. Unfortunately I am afraid he is not only not ungracious but chose to hit you again.

    But, Malaysian is not reflected by that dimwit Minister of ours.

    And, Savitri, sorry if you had a bad experiance here. Although I had one bad experiance, I do not call all Indonesian maid as bad. Overall we have had good Indonesian maids becasue my family treat our maids as part of family and we insist they eat together. Few of the maids that returned is still in communicaiton with us.

    Its just people.

  • Jangan menyerah nila .. Kalo memang bobrok bilang ajah bobrok itu lebih baik dan membangun timbang kamu puji di depan ribuan manusia. tapi didalam pujian mu terkandung kebusukan. Transfarant keras dan mengungkapkan yang bener itu sangat penting terutama Negara kita Tercinta Indonesia

    NGe blog trus nila. Jangan menyerah kami dukung kamu …!! dengan semangat kejujuran yang sekarang ini susah di dapatkan

  • caw, im Fahmi en trully Indonesian at Jogjakarta

    Thats great to read ur blog, to Indonesian blogger we should not blame any-Malaysians in here..
    This is about the Minister en Nila, en Minister is just one person who representative him self..
    Bad things can happen Nila just taft to face with them, im here praying with this comment..
    keep in blogging, keeping telling dTruth, keep enjoying dWorld en Indonesia – Malaysia for sure
    thats all i wanna say..Ure Rock..!!

    ohg yah.. i made link to you blog, is it ok?

  • that was great to read ur blog Nila, Im Indonesian here just trying to give a comment bout ur blog..

    firs of all, i just wanna say to Indonesia blogger keep in blogging.. but not blame any-people that not have relation with dProblem itself
    like, dont we blame All of-Malaysian coz this just between dMinister en Nila.
    Minister`s here Tengku **** representative himself as a character.
    Many malaysians are nice, like my fren there..
    Maybe no-body / Country is good in everything but they must be trying to get it

    2nd. To Nila, Lifes such a cruel if we cant handle it, but life must be beauty if we did
    So i think that u did it with nice, i know u did
    be taft

    3. To SCTV
    are u trying to do something stupid / unfair?
    where`s ur “aktual, tajam dan terpercaya”(eng :recent/ up to date, sharp,can be trusted) tag line ?

    thats is all my comment..
    ogh ya Nila, I made link to ur blog in mine, is it ok?

    U`re rocking en keep rocking Girl

    [Jogjakarta, Indonesia]

  • naaah, bener kan, dibalik kesulitan ada kemudahan
    justru orang jadi melirik, anda jadi dilihat orang, jadi lebih dikenal….ini start yang bagus untuk sebuah lompatan besar, untuk lebih manfaat bagi sebanyak banyak mahluk…….ayo, menulislah terus…semoga pengalaman ini membuat anda bisa lebih maju, lebih kuat dan bijak

  • Heard from Susan of your fiance’s ill fated death. My heartfelt condolences. It must have been terrible to hear of a plane crash of your loved one. Hope you soon pull up the pieces and begin anew. It is difficult, but you must face life’s adversities with courage. Take care. Best wishes.

  • dear sis

    welcome to bloggers united.

    i lost my 11-month daughter last year. her death was so sudden as she was healthy.

    i still feel the loss. believe me, we are stronger than we think. let time heals the wound.


  • Glad to know that you’re vegetarian too 🙂

    Here are some vegetarian species who blogs too:

  • SCTV
    tidak aktual
    tidak tajam
    tidak dapat dipercaya

    la pegawainya sendiri digituin..
    buat reporter sctv yang lain, hati-hati ya,…ha..ha..

  • dear everyone, (sorry for not addressing each one of you),
    thank you so much for giving comments in my blog. thanks for all the supports. it really means a lot to me!

    to Savitri: sayang sekali Savitri punya pengalaman buruk selama bekerja di Malaysia, tetapi menurut saya tidak semua orang disana memandang orang Indonesia hina dan tidak berpendidikan. Semua tergantung pada individunya. Seperti di blog ini, saya mendapat banyak sekali support dari warga Malaysia dan saya sangat bersyukur dan sangat menghargai dukungan tersebut (padahal saya tidak kenal secara personal lho..) :).

  • Dear lo,

    Am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. It must be awful.

    “Let time heals the wound”.
    Yes, am still waiting when will that moment comes. Still feel the pain here..

  • Hi mob1900,
    Glad to know that you enjoy my 1st article in The Star. And thanks for your earlier comments:

    “..Cheer up and be strong, you have made this world a little better and are amongst friends in these parts of the world”

    It’s very encouraging! 🙂

  • mba Nila saya Fithri Amalia, saya mo wawancara mba untuk bahan skripsi sy yg kebetulan tentang blog dan blogger. kasus mba ternyata tidak hanya dirasakan oleh mba aja, tapi memberikan pembelajaran untuk orang lain, khususnya saya. saya harap mba mengijinkan saya untk mewawancarai mba. terimakasih sebelunya. oiya saya bisa email mba dimana?

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