Thank You :)

Hi guys!

I’ve been receiving emails and comments on my facebook account as well as on my facebook group saying that I got all the supports from you, guys! Whoaaa… I must say, it really makes me feel good. Seriously! You guys are so sweet! ^-^

I thank everyone for being very supportive to me and thank you so much for your votes!

I also read the news on Kaskus, the largest Indonesian community site, on “WNI Cantik! Lolos Kontes The Best Job in The World di Australia” and had to smile and felt very touched by reading all your comments :). Thanks, Kaskus’ers!

Also to the fellow bloggers (not only from Indonesia, but also from Malaysia, Philippines and even in the States!) for dedicating a special post to gather more votes for me in their blogs! Plus, everyone who has been putting their status on twitter, plurk and facebook saying: “Help Indonesia’s Nila Tanzil to get The Best Job in The World in Australia”!
Wow… I feel so honoured! Thank you sooo much!!!

You wouldn’t know how excited I am of all these things!


And oh… today, Bisnis Indonesia, the leading business newspaper in Indonesia, published an article about my involvement in “The Best Job in The World”. The article titled, “Blogger Berebut Australia”.

Update: I’m on the 13th rank at the moment with 3,265 votes.

Please vote for me HERE ( in every 24 hours and tell your friends to vote for me, too!

Yayyyyyy!!! 🙂 🙂


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