Away Day


So, it took me more than 2 months to continue my story on “First Anniversary in Maverick” 😀 hahaha.. sorry. Was so busy at the office, didn’t have time to think of anything else. Had to be focused ;).

In the picture above u could see some faces of The Mavericks. The picture was taken in the “Away Day” event, couple of months ago at Ritz Carlton Hotel. U can see that we’re happy people, aren’t we? 😉

Ok, now… where were we? Ah.. okay. Besides from the learning process in Maverick, I’ve also felt some changes in me as a person. I’ve learned that we have to handle people differently, depends on their characters. So, I tend to be more careful in the way I speak to others now, not only the content, but the tone as well. I’m a straightforward person and prefer to talk frankly to others, but now… when it comes to criticism, I think that it’s better to be quite selective and find a smart way to address it… otherwise, people could easily get hurt and feel offended, especially those who don’t know us that well yet 🙂

It’s always interesting to try a new experience… in this case, working in a new industry. Previously, I worked in a securities company, dealt a lot with fund managers, treasury managers of big banks and those directors of pension funds and insurance companies. It was fun as well and I gained lots of insights and knowledge in the financial industry. But I think, working in a PR industry is more appealing and interesting to me. It’s very much because I always wanted to be a PR consultant. Of course, everyone has their own interests… perhaps for those fund managers, working in an asset management or financial institution is much more exciting, not to mention the adrenalin rush when the market is bullish or the other way around.

For me, the excitement comes especially when I have to handle crisis management. I like it so much, although it means: overtime work, no weekends and headaches. 😀 But it creates satisfaction in the end. Perhaps it’s the same feelings as all the hikers when they reach the top of the mountain. You’re tired, but satisfied.

Oyeah, I often surprised myself, even until now, that I’ve worked here for a year. It felt like yesterday that I arrived in the Balitung House and everyone else was a stranger for me. I think the nice working environment, the food (yeah, the Mavericks love and CAN eat a lot!!!), and the parties that we have to throw and attend, play a key role in making me feel comfortable here. Didn’t I mention that as a Maverick, one has to attend to parties and/or networking functions in town, at least once a month? Gosh, I was so happy and felt relieve to know that! Coz some offices dislike when their employees attend to many parties :p. Hahaha.. I guess I’m quite lucky to work in a company who motivates us to be socially active. No need to force me to do that… hahahaha.. I’ll do it with pleasures ;p. So, all the stresses from the hardwork in the office are gone when we attend those functions! ;D One has to know when to be serious and when to have fun.

Ok. Enough saying now. Let’s celebrate my 1 year-2 months-28 days in the orange house now, with the crazy, ridiculous, funny and lovable Mavericks! 😉


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