My First Anniversary in Maverick

Today is exactly one year for me as a Maverick. Time flies, huh? Yes, it does.

It means that I’ve spent most of my time at the Balitung House for the past 12 months. Working as a PR consultant. Interesting and exciting as I’ve never been working in the PR industry before. Enjoyable, in the sense of meeting lots of people from different background and industry. Fun fun fun… in the sense of building media relations with journalists, attending parties, throwing parties 😉 and working in a such dynamic environment.

However, there is always a downhill along our way. That’s when we have to deal with difficult clients, deal with gossips around us (hahaha… yeah, we can’t getaway from those gossips, although we want to.. but hey, c’est la vie!) or when we make mistakes…

Although it’s only a year, I’ve learned quite a lot and I also felt some changes in me as a person…. (to be continued)

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