I always treasure friendships and always enjoy having friends wherever and whenever. But this time, I think I should given up one friendship. This is the first time for me to do it, actually.. and funnily, I feel sad but also feel good about it.

When the relationship is no longer healthy and one person feels hurt everytime they communicate but the other person is enjoying it and pushing too hard, then perhaps it’s better to call it a quit.

I never felt very annoyed by a friend before. Not this much. Not until I met this psycho guy. Haven’t met any psycho guy before, so I was quite shocked. We were just friends. But, too bad.. he had a really high expectation of this friendships. I felt that he became too demanding. I had to reply to his sms right away, had to answer his phone calls right away, had to meet him whenever he wanted and he was so clever as if it’s always urgent to have that meetings on those particular dates! If I didn’t reply to his sms right away nor answer his phone calls, he would send me bunch of sms-es with the contents that u wouldn’t even think of! He would write angry words, full of judgement and negative thoughts. This guy is sooo pathetic!

Actually, I felt sorry for him. I think he has problems with his personality. He always think negative toward other people and doesn’t have a grip of his life. Perhaps that explains why he always has so many troubles in his life… coz simply he created them!!!

People are addicted to have problems, without realizing it. When they don’t have any, they seek for one. They feel empty without a problem in their mind. They don’t feel alive. So, to make their life more excited and alive, they create problems. That’s funny, huh? But, that’s how we are, according to Dalai Lama… I had to think about this for a while before came into a conclusion that he’s right.

Now, after realizing that it is us that tend to create problems in our life, I tend to take everything easily. Not to think about anything too much, coz I have a tendency to be bothered by small things :p. Just enjoy life… and cherish every moment of it… 🙂

As my friendship with the psycho guy… I’ve made up my mind to ignore him… and it feels really good, actually! Good for me. Hehehe.. Life is about choices. It’s up to us to live in a peaceful life or in a troublesome one ;). Also with friendship… although basically every human being is nice, but there are some people who are just psychotic and enjoy hurting other people’s feelings.
So, it’s all up to us how to deal with them.. whether we want to keep the friendship although they don’t know how to create a good friendship and keep hurting other people.. OR.. just walk away…

As for me, I’ve tried my best to see my friend’s good side. I often share some wisdom words and my thoughts so that he could realize that the way he lives and the way he treats others are not favorable at all… but now… after sometime, I feel exhausted… let he learns everything from others… I’ve done my job..

Enough is enough. When our goodwill was always be seen negatively, just because the person was so closed minded, full of negative thoughts and insecurity.. then perhaps it is us who should decide and set up our limit.

I believe that every single thing in our life happens for a reason and there’s a lesson behind it. As for me, I’ve learned my lesson. I learned a lot from this friendship. It also opens my eyes that psycho people do exist! hahahha.. I hope he could gain something from this.. and from the fact that I don’t want to be his friend anymore… Hopefully, this would make him think and realize that all his problems and suffers were simply created by himself! Well, I do hope he gets more clarity in life, if he could open up his mind, of course! :p

La vita et bella… life is beautiful and it’s too beautiful to be disrupted by some psychos… 😀 hehehe..

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