Life works in a mysterious way..

*A fairy tale*

I’d like to share this beautiful story with you, my dear friends…

Princess Tini lives in the Kingdom of Snow. It’s always winter there (just like in “Narnia” movie). She’s 27 years old, still single. It’s not that she did not have any boyfriend, but at her 27 years living in the cold kingdom, she decided not to have one. All of her life she’s been wondering whether her Prince Charming does exist.. or whether this ideal figure is just a sort of hallucination and imaginary..

One day, there was a Prince Sunrise from the Kingdom of Sun asked her to marry him. Although they know each other so well, Princess Tini were not sure that he was the one that she’ll be spending the rest of her life with. She was confused and asked God to give some clues on what to do. She was afraid that she might pick a wrong decision…

For couple of days Princess Tini had sleepless nights. She loves Prince Sunrise so much but on the other hand she cannot understand why her heart keeps on whispering to wait for the love of her life that she hasn’t even met yet?

However, she didn’t know until when she has to wait for the Prince Charming to come to her real life. Then, she thought that perhaps it was her destiny to be together with Prince Sunrise as he was her childhood best friend and the only person that she could count on in this life.

Princess Tini decided to go to the Kingdom of Sun to tell this good news. She took her friends and maids to accompany her on this trip. It took few weeks to get to the Kingdom of Sun from her own kingdom. Her friends and maids were such a good company as they all shared laughter and always sang favorite songs to bright up their journey..

One day, when Princess Tini took a bath on a river, she bumped into a guy. Apparently, he comes from a neighbor kingdom, called the Kingdom of Roses. She heard a lot about this kingdom and always wanted to go there. People say that the air in the Kingdom of Roses smells like roses… as well as the wind breeze…

His name is Prince Rozlynos. Not that handsome, she thought. His skin is a bit pale and he has a strange accent – a Roses accent, that’s what people say. Normally, she never talk to strangers, because that’s what have been the Queen, her Mom, taught to her: Never talk to someone who you don’t know. But this time, she thought, it wouldn’t hurt to make friends during her journey… apart from that, Prince Rozlynos does not look dangerous at all, she tried to convince herself.

Couple of minutes later, they’re already engaged in a deep conversation. From a distance, Tini’s friends and the maids were watching them and wondering who the hell was the stranger guy that sit next to their Princess? But, seeing the Princess looked so happy and excited, they cancelled the idea to interrupt them.. and left them alone.

Princess Tini was happy to meet such a nice new friend. It appears that Prince Rozlynos isn’t just an ordinary guy. He has a lot of things that she adores: the brain, the attitude and the character. Although they barely knew each other, but Tini knows that they have a same vision. What a cool friend to have, she thought.

Later at night, she tried to remember what has happened today… and suddenly, she was shocked to hear her feelings. Her heart whispered that it is that kind of guy that she always wanted to be with! Her hands were trembling… what happened?

Suddenly, her brain worked faster. Perhaps it’s a sign from God, the answer of her prayer, the answer of her confusion. In the middle of that night, she tried to listen to her heart and concentrate. After few minutes of quietness, she came into a conclusion:

“The incident that I met Prince Rozlynos wasn’t just a coincidence. It’s a God’s sign. God wanted to show to me that my Prince Charming-type of guy- does exist. Although perhaps it’s not Prince Rozlynos who will be the chosen one for me, but at least that type of guy does exist in this real life. So, I just have to be patient. Life works in a mysterious way”.

In the next morning, she decided to return to the Kingdom of Snow… together with her best friends and maids who have been very loyal accompanying her in the very important quest of her life. From that day, she became more excited on what would happen in her life next… and she thanked God that He delivered the answer just in a right time…


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