A cute little surprise

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I went to someone’s house and I smell durian! Hmm, that’s weird, knowing that the owner of the house isn’t a big fan of this smelly fruit. So, I entered the house with full of curiosity, “who have bought my favorite fruit?”

Apparently, he was the one who bought it… for me! Oowwh… how sweet! I was touched, knowing that he had to bring the fruit all the way after playing golf in Sukabumi (about 2 hours drive from Jakarta) to the heart of the city. And with the strong smell of the fruit, I was pretty sure that wasn’t a very pleasant trip for him… one had to breath a “non-fresh” air in an air-con car! Ooppsss…

For those who doesn’t know what durian is, let me explain it to you. It’s a tropical fruit with lots of spikes covering the yellow “meat” inside. It tastes sweet and creamy. This fruit has a very strong smell. Some people can’t stand the smell, although they agree that it tastes really good. I think with durian, it’s either you love it or you hate it. There’s nothing in between :).

Having a sweet surprise on a sunny afternoon in South Jakarta have made me realized that how a small thing that you do could mean a lot to the other(s). The thought of bringing a favorite item for someone else is definitely a sweet thing. Making it happens is even nicer!

Thanks for brighten up my day, babe… 🙂 The durian was really yummy…


  • hi, darllingg!!! cieeeh cieeeh siapa niiih, yg dateng2 bawain duren dari Sukabumi…. (huehehehe, apaan sih gw kok gossip bener)..

    “It is either you hate it or love it”
    I am in “LOVE” team!!

    Miss youuu, Nilz!! Huhuhuhu…

  • hi, nad!
    iiihhh kamyu gosssiiip dueeeehh… hahahaha :)) iya niiiyy, dibeliin duren, Nad. Lucu banget yaaaa! Terharu dueehh secara dia ga maniak2x banget ma duren… kikikikk..

    As a durian lover, am sure you know how it feels… ;D

    Miss you too, darling!!! hiks.. :((

  • aku ngga suka durian. yuks. karena keseringan ibu kos yang perta durian jadinya seisi rumah bau durian. pusing …

    btw … salam kenal. sepertinya kehidupannya enak ya ..banyak jalan-jalan.

  • Durians typify where they come from. They smell funny to people foreign to the concept, but are heavenly to those who are clued into the deliciousness of the fruit. On the outside, they look thorny and dangerous, but peel through and you see a softer, more delectable side.

    Having said that, I’m am generally cautious of durians. I like it so much that normally I get sick after gorging — sometimes like a hantu — on it. Fever for days.

    Is it durian season already?

  • My drawing teacher back in Europe once told my uninformed classmates,

    “Durian, the truest fruit of God… because only the worthy could taste its heavenly sweetness, for he would have to go a long way just to pass its scent.”

    Somehow, seeing a caucasian licking his own lips while saying it, you couldn’t help but agree.

    *not a pretty sight, though.*

    I enjoy your blog, btw.


  • am sure, the last durian he brought you was the small yet nicest gift you ever had 🙂

    be strong dear, thing happens for reasons.


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