A cute little surprise

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I went to someone’s house and I smell durian! Hmm, that’s weird, knowing that the owner of the house isn’t a big fan of this smelly fruit. So, I entered the house with full of curiosity, “who have bought my favorite fruit?”

Apparently, he was the one who bought it… for me! Oowwh… how sweet! I was touched, knowing that he had to bring the fruit all the way after playing golf in Sukabumi (about 2 hours drive from Jakarta) to the heart of the city. And with the strong smell of the fruit, I was pretty sure that wasn’t a very pleasant trip for him… one had to breath a “non-fresh” air in an air-con car! Ooppsss…

For those who doesn’t know what durian is, let me explain it to you. It’s a tropical fruit with lots of spikes covering the yellow “meat” inside. It tastes sweet and creamy. This fruit has a very strong smell. Some people can’t stand the smell, although they agree that it tastes really good. I think with durian, it’s either you love it or you hate it. There’s nothing in between :).

Having a sweet surprise on a sunny afternoon in South Jakarta have made me realized that how a small thing that you do could mean a lot to the other(s). The thought of bringing a favorite item for someone else is definitely a sweet thing. Making it happens is even nicer!

Thanks for brighten up my day, babe… 🙂 The durian was really yummy…

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