A Little Note :)

Apologize for not updating my blog for a while. After my Laos trip, I flew to Kuala Lumpur directly, then from there I took a flight to Denpasar, Bali. Finally, I experienced being in 3 countries in one day! Breakfast in Vientiane (Laos), lunch in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and dinner in Bali (Indonesia). What a long day!!! 😀

The next day (May 3rd), I flew to Sumbawa. Why? Because… ehm… I’ve booked myself a live aboard scuba-dive trip in Komodo Island for several days (May 3rd – 8th), Indonesia! Wooooohooooooo!!! That’s why I didn’t update any post in my blog for a while, because there was no internet access in the middle of the sea… 😉

It was such a great dive trip… I dove with black manta rays, white manta rays, black tip sharks, white tip sharks, giant trevally, etc etc. Whoaaaaa!!! Interested to see the video? I’m creating it for you now! 😉 Stay tune!


  • oh my god.
    sist, you almost broke Gus Dur’s Record : Becoming a Leader who visited 4 countries just One day .. ;D

    He started from INDO-S’PORE-MALINGSIA-BRUNEI..
    One more country .. and you’ll written in MURI 😀

  • mbak nila, why didnt you drop by at lombok island, so that we can do scuba diving together, next time dont miss this beautiful island again, ok..

    salam kenal

  • @ dwi: hihihi… takut ah nyaingin Gus Dur.. :p

    @ seemlouder: i was in Lombok three days ago and now i’m in Gili Trawangan. where are you? i just dove in Gili Trawangan this morning.. are you based in the Gili Islands, too?

  • i live in mataram and didn’t notice mbak nila’s visit till i read the posting that wrote “i was in gili trawangan”
    i go to gili islands and dive quite often (but not too often, budget problem.. 🙂 )..
    ok no problem, hope we’ll see someday..

    sukses selalu

    ps : the manta’s video is so astonishing.. since i’ve never seen manta so far in my dive experience. 🙁

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