Reading Garden for Kids in West Flores

Ok, here’s the summary of my previous post (the one that I wrote in Indonesian):

After my visit to three villages, which are Nampar Mancing (Pusut), Roe and Melo villages and see how simple their lifestyle is, it crosses my mind to do something for the kids. Living in such a remote area with limited facilities (the schools are in a poor condition), not even an electricity in Melo village – for example, you can imagine how difficult it is to have an access for books.

Thus, I come up with an idea to build a Mobile Reading Garden for the kids who live in the villages above. The objective is simple. To help stimulate kids’ reading interests. How? First, through comic books and/or illustration books. Why? Because books that have many images/illustrations will be more attractive to kids, rather than text books. I remember when I was a kid, I started to grow my interest in reading through Donald Duck comics, which were delivered to my house every Tuesday.

This Mobile Reading Garden will be open every Saturday afternoon. Kids are not allowed to borrow the books overnight. They can only read them in the Reading Garden. Why? These kids usually have to walk through rice paddy from their house to the school. So, the chance of the books will get torn is big. Therefore, it would be better to keep all the books in the Reading Garden and have some afternoon reading moments together :).

Hopefully, with the presence of this Mobile Reading Garden, the kids would start falling in love with books. And oh, every 3-4 months, we will rotate the books from one village to another. For example, the books in Melo Village will be transfered to Roe Village, and so on and so forth.

If you want to support this project, you’re most welcome! Please drop me email at and I’ll be happy to provide you with more detailed information!

Thank you, guys! 🙂



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