Tips for Traveling with Baby on a Plane

Since I’ve started taking Sienna Little Explorer on adventures since she was 3 months old (includes flying, yes!), I thought I could share some travel tips for moms who wish to bring their baby on a plane.


  • If you’re going to do a long flight, then you book your ticket, please make sure you will get a basinet for your baby.

If your baby still breastfeeding…

  • You’re lucky! Because you don’t need to bring too many stuff in your diaper bag! Check out the “What to bring check list” below.
  • During take off and landing, make sure you nurse your baby to ease the pressure on his/her ears. Before landing (when you’re still up in the sky), as soon as you feel the pressure, nurse your baby as fast as you can. If it’s too late, your baby will already feel the pressure in her ears and she’d cry. You don’t want this.
  • If you’re baby asleep, let her sleep. You can still try nurse her during take off and landing, but if she didn’t wake up, it’s fine.
If your baby already eats solids…

  • The list of items to bring is a bit longer than the breastfed baby, unfortunately 🙂 But, it’s fine!
  • During take off and landing, you can either put a pacifier into his/her mouth and let him/her suck, or give them some snacks or drink. Snacking is better because when they chew, their ears will equalise automatically.

The “What to bring” Checklist: For short flights (2 hours or 3 hours): 2 pairs of clothes (I normally includes a long pants, shirts, and a jacket with hoodie to keep his head warm), 2 diapers & wipes 1 pair of socks.

  • For long flights (more than 12 hours): 2 pairs of clothes, 1 set of pajamas, jacket with hoodie to keep his head warm, 4 diapers and wipes (depends on how many times you normally change his/her diapers) and 2 pairs of socks.
  • Pad to put under your baby during diaper changes
  • Blanket
  • Bib
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Favorite toys (you will need them, because sometimes they get bored on the plane, so having their favourite toys help to calm and keep them entertained)
  • Children’s books (you can also use this when they’re bored or start being fussy)
  • Ziplock bags to put wet clothes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Tissues
  • Sun hat
  • Sling or front baby carrier
  • Baby’s medical record (in case you need to take her to the hospital, this book will come handy because it has all the record of her immunisation, etc)
  • Pacifier (it comes handy!) with clipper, so you can clip it on his/her shirt.
Additional items to bring if your baby already eats solids:

  • Snacks — I normally bring some biscuits or her favourite snacks
  • Food — instant baby food, such as instant rice cereals or baby food that come in jars (you just ask the stewardess to warm it up for you). For long flights, I normally bring 3x meals and fruits that come in jars (puree fruits)
  • Formula
  • Bottle to keep hot water for your baby’s food (just in case your baby is hungry in the boarding room and you need to feed her right away), baby bottler or cup
  • Light weight plastic feeding set with utensils
ps: for long flights, normally airlines will give you a baby package. Some airlines’ package are better than the other ones. Sometimes you even get baby food (in jars), diapers, and tissue. But other airlines only give you a package of tissue, that’s all (booooo…!!) :DON THE PLANE

Walk around with your baby, so he/she doesn’t feel too bored. Sienna Little Explorer loves other babies or kids. So, whenever she gets a bit fussy, I take her around and try to find parents with other babies or kids. Once she sees the other small human beings, she starts smiling and excited again! It’s so nice to see how she interacts with the other kids. And it also makes everyone’s happy, you, the other parents, and also the other passengers around us :).

For diapers change, do it in the toilet. They have a board where you can lay your baby. Don’t forget to always put at least one hand on your baby, in case there’s any turbulences. If possible, bring a small toy to keep his/her hands busy, so he/she doesn’t move much. Try doing it faster than you normally do, then go back to your seat afterwards with a happy and clean baby!

Another tip is to always put your diaper bag underneath the seat (below the seat in front of you), so you could easily reach it whenever you need to get something for your baby. Never put the diaper bag in the cabinet above your head. It’s troublesome.

For long flights, I normally separate her food, snacks, her plastic feeding & utensils and bibs in a separate plastic bag, so I don’t have to dig the diaper bag nervously once she’s hungry.

That’s all for now. I wish you an enjoyable flight with your baby! Happy holiday!! 🙂

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