My Li’l Niece is a Magician!

I’m so proud of my little niece, Jessica Olivia, 8 years old. Recently, she’s been performing on TV as… a junior magician!!! How cute is that?! 😉

Her live performances were aired on TPI (Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia), one of TV stations in Indonesia, on a show called Super Kidz every Sunday at 1-3pm starting from June 28th til July 12th, 2009. For this TV show, she’s known as Princess Jessica ;).

I recorded this video last Sunday (July 5th), when watching her live performance at the TPI’s studio. Thought it would be nice to share it with you, so that you also can enjoy her magic tricks! 😉

Wanna see her live performance on TV?
Turn on your TV and switch it to TPI channel on Sunday, 12 July at 13.00-15.00.
She’ll definitely amuse you… as she does to me!
(and pssttt… I often ask her the secrets of the tricks… but.. she never opens her mouth to reveals them!) hahaha.. so cute!!!

Nonton yaaaah, teman-teman… 🙂


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