From Rasa Sayange to the detention of diplomat’s wife

For the last a couple of days, I’ve been bothered by the news that one of our folk songs was claimed as Malaysia’s song! Oh my goodness… what is happening here?
I still remember I used to sing this song when I was a kid, at school, at the birthday parties or when I play around with my friends. This song was part of my childhood memories. And I believe many Indonesians feel the same way too.

That’s why it shocked me when I heard that our neighbor country claimed that “Rasa Sayange” actually belonged to Malaysia, not Indonesia. I felt really sad. And I felt so stupid being an Indonesian too… for being easily fooled! 🙁 After batik, now our folk song. Then, what’s next?

I’m wondering what is going on between my country and our neighbor, M? Sometime ago, the Indonesian karate coach was beaten by the Malaysian police, then yesterday, I read in the news about the detention of a diplomat’s wife by security personnel, while she was shopping! The security personnel mistook her for an illegal immigrant! My goodness… If I were her, I would be very upset.

But hey, who am I anyway? I could do nothing apart from thanking everyone (both Malaysians and Indonesians) who gave their supports when The Malaysia Tourism Minister accused me a liar ;P. So, I guess, in this case, I could only show my support to Muslianah Nurdin, the wife of the embassy’s culture attache who received ill treatment from the RELA officer. Keep your chin up, Ibu! 🙂

I really wish that one day, me and my neighbor could live in harmony, happily ever after… and all these “little fights” wouldn’t occur in the upcoming days.. Let us live side by side peacefully… as I would love to make my neighbor as my good friend coz I know that a lot of the people in that house are actually very nice and wise ones :).
I do hope the rest of the people in the house are like them too: good and fair, so that the people in my house and everybody in the house next door could be good friends too! *cross my fingers* 🙂


  • well lots of culture is “borrowed” from indonesia — rendang, keris (sq airlines).

    share and share alike i say 🙂 but mention where you are sharing from, puhlease!!

  • hi nila,
    been reading your blog since your case with our pig head minister.
    the problem with bolehland is our idiot,arrogant,corrupted politicians who make us Malaysian look stupid.
    with this type of asshole running the country there will be more to come.
    and their friend is the $ sign.

  • I started to feel irritated since Malaysian minister stated that “Indon-female-blogger” are liars. So improper.

    Maybe we can stay as “saudara serumpun” IF we respect each other. Careful in taking actions, careful in giving words.

  • Rasa Sayange does not belong to Indonesia…neither does it belong to Malaysia. It belongs to all the people in both countries, including Singapore, Brunei and perhaps part of the other countries in South East Asia. I have too sang the song. I am 35 and have sung the song during my kid days.

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