Monday, December 15, 2014

Staycation in the Holiday Inn Express Thamrin, Jakarta

Staying at The Holiday Inn Express Thamrin, Jakarta is very convenient due to its strategic location. The hotel is located right at the heart of the city, in the Sudirman, the main protocol of Jakarta.

From the hotel, we can walk to the big shopping malls such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. Nice! It's also a stone throw away to the "Welcome to Jakarta" statue with its colorful fountain at night. Perfect location for those of you who haven't been to Jakarta and want to taste a bit of city life.
I spend two nights at the hotel, sleeping on a comfortable bed with its different types of pillows - firm & soft ones. The room is equipped with a closer, desk table, bathroom, TV, and.. free wifi for 24 hours! The latter one is very important. It's always handy to have an internet connection wherever you're away from home. Plus, the fact that it's free is making my stay even more convenient!

At night, I get hungry easily (yes, I'm 9 months pregnant!). Even though the Holiday Inn Express Thamrin doesn't have an in-house restaurant to order food, they prepare a list of restaurants where we can just call and order for delivery. Easy! I also go downstairs to the lobby's mini bar to check out what they have there. Apparently, there are plenty of snacks (including cup noodles!) and some caramel & chocolate pudding that has easily become my favorite! OMG. It's so tasty! Perfect to end the night before I go to sleep. Tummy's happy :)

On the second day, I start my day with healthy breakfast provides by the hotel. Strawberry yoghurt and some fruit slices. There are plenty of menu to choose, ranging from fried noodle, omelettes, mixed vegetables, etc. Also a selection of pastry and cereals. Yum! They also have something for travellers who have no time to have breakfast in the hotel, called "Grab n Go" in which we can choose the meals we want and drinks and have them take away! Voila! Perfect. Sometimes when we travel, we have limited time and that leaves us only a small window to have breakfast. I even sometimes skip breakfast when I travel, especially when I have to catch sunrise or scuba-dive very early in the morning. So, this "Grab n Go" definitely comes handy for travellers! 

After breakfast, I check out the laundry room. Apparently, we can do our own laundry only by buying a token worth of Rp 50,000.- (less than USD 5)! Load the whole laundry machine with our dirty clothes, spin & dry them. We can even iron them ourselves. Voila! It really makes me feel at home :D.

For those of you who love going to the gym, not to worry! The hotel has a gym with enough equipments for your daily exercise! Yeah!

I have to say this hotel has pretty much everything we need. It's perfect especially for business trips since the price is affordable, location is very strategic, and it has all the practical things we need. 

On November 20th, 2014, the Holiday Inn Express held a Comedy Night featuring six stand-up comedians, Arief Budiman, Adjis Doaibu, Rachman Avri, Panca Atis, Candra Mukti and Reza Tama, who entertained guests with their jokes about “Gak Smart Banget” and “Wow Smart Banget” travel experiences. All of them successfully made the guests laugh out loud! What fun evening!! You can check out the video of the event below:

 So, what do you think, guys? Funny, isn't it? ;)

Saturday, October 04, 2014

10 Underwater Beauty of Asia that will blow your mind!

Are you a scuba-diver or love to snorkel and swim in the sea? Here are 10 spots in Southeast Asia that will make the most of your underwater experience!

 1. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo National Park is one the best dive places on this planet. It is blessed by the beauty of the underwater world, thousands of species of fish and over 350 species of corals. The place has a lot of amazing dive sites. Among my favourites is Castle Rock in the north of Komodo Island. Diving here, you’ll be amazed by the amount of fish around you. Thousands of jack fish, numbers of reef sharks from black tip, white tip to grey reef sharks swimming around freely, schools of groupers, mandarin sweet lips and many more!

32.  Raja Ampat, Papua Indonesia

     Raja Ampat has the most density of coral reefs in the world! All dive sites here are beautiful and blessed with colorful coral reefs and tropical fish. Black manta rays are believed to come from this area and then they start to migrate to other areas in the world.

43.  Cendrawasih Bay, Papua

This is a special place in the world where you can see and swim with whale sharks everyday! In a spot nearby Kwatisore Village, whale sharks sightings are very common among the locals. The fishermen feed them every morning with small fish for a “good luck”. Swimming or diving with whale sharks, the biggest fish on this planet is definitely once in a lifetime experience.

54. Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

It’s a heaven for those who love macro and underwater photography. There are many special critters that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. You’ll see rhinopias, hairy frog fish, many species of pygmy seahorses, different types of devil fish, angler fish, and many more!

5. Similan Islands, Thailand

Leopard sharks can be seen in some of the dive sites in Similan Islands. How to get here? You can just simply start your trip from Phuket and try live aboard diving trip for several days to explore the best dive sites of Similan Islands!

66. Shark Point, Malapascua, the Phillippines

This tiny island is a home of thresher sharks. If you want to see them, you have to start very early in the morning, at 5am and start jumping into the water down to 21 meters and wait until they come to greet you. Amazing!

To reach Malapascua Island in the Philippines, you need to fly to Mactan-Cebu International airport.

77. Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

During July to September, Crystal Bay is full of divers from around the globe who wish to see “Mola-Mola” or sun fish! Mola-mola, usually live 300 meters deep, but during this season, they will come up to 15-40 meters to the cleaning station to have some “spa” moment.

88. The Magnet, Belongas, Lombok

Imagine diving with hammerhead sharks all around you! You can have this amazing eperience at this special dive site. The current can be very strong, thus, you need to have an Advanced diving license and at least 100 dives in your logbook!

99. Stingless Jellyfish Lake, Togean Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Have you ever experienced swimming with thousands of jellyfish around you without having to worry to get stung? Well, you can totally experience it in Togean Islands! In one of the tiny islands, there’s a lake where stingless jellyfish live and you can enjoy snorkeling with your loved ones here for hours! Try free dive and pay attention carefully to all the cute stingless jellyfish around you. It’s like being in the dream world!

110.  KohHaa, Thailand

Koh Haa is perfect for divers who love cavern dives. The island has several underwater caves that you can explore. The most famous one is “The Cathedral”. Another spot that is also interesting is “Koh Haa Yai” where there are two entrances and a chamber in which we could go up to the surface and have a little break before diving again.

To reach Koh Haa, you can start with a flight to Krabi Airport.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go pack your bag and let yourself taste the beauty of Asia’s underwater! Are you confuse where to pick your first destination? Cebu or Krabi may be a good starter for you! Just check the ticket now at, if you lucky you may find some valuable ticket promo from them!

Oh, and I heard that they also got  some surprises in which they giveaway free return tickets and travel vouchers for their #TigerairTop10 quiz! Follow @Tigerair_ID or like Tigerair Indonesia fanpage for a chance to win it now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Day in Kupang :)

What can you do if you have one day in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara?

Here's what I do:

10am to 12pm -- Explore the Crystal Cave. 

Not many people heard of the Crystal Cave in Kupang or know about it. Even a lot of the locals have never been there. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go! It's located in the middle of nowhere, so make sure you have a local guide who knows the area very well.
Even the entrance to the cave is hard to find. There's no path or whatsoever!

Once you're at the front of the cave, please make sure to wear comfortable shoes or sandals as you'll need to go down to the cave, crawling from one big rock to another. During rainy season, the rocks can be very slippery, so it's probably better to walk barefoot.

It's pretty dark in here, please don't forget to bring a torch!

After a few minutes of walking down to the bottom of the cave, you'll be greeted by an amazing view. A lagoon with crystal clear water awaits you!!! It looks like a private swimming pool, but more beautiful because of the light that comes from the above, shining into the lagoon and reflecting the colour of the rocks and water. Very pretty! And oh, as the water is very clear, you can see all the rocks underwater and also another underwater cave that will give you an eerie feeling.
It is just amazing.

Photo courtesy of Arin Kusumo Hapsari

The water temperature is just right. Not too warm, not too cold. I find it very refreshing, actually. It will be very nice to be here with your loved one. Ha! Such a romantic place to be! ;) 

12pm to 4.30pm -- Sunbathing on Tablolong Beach

About 1.5 hour drive from Kupang's downtown, there's a beautiful beach called Tabloblong. The endless white sand beach of Tabloblong is a perfect getaway for beach bums. Even though the beach is pretty much empty, there are some small "warung" (food vendors) selling fresh coconut. Gorgeous beach and fresh coconut? Best match! 

4.30pm - sunset time 

You can either enjoy the sunset on Tablolong beach or head back to Kupang before the sunset. If you decided to drive back to Kupang, try passing by the harbour for some sunset moment. 

8pm -- dinner at the food market!

Try some local food fiesta at the night market in the down town of Kupang. Plenty of street food vendors selling fresh seafood and traditional snacks. It's also fun to walk around first before deciding where you want to eat. 

Now, with a full belly, you may end your day in Kupang! Oh, one thing that you shouldn't miss if you're in Kupang is to eat "daging se'i" -- it's basically smoked pork or beef, but it's everyone's favourite! Since I'm vegetarian, I have to pass it :p. You should try, tho! It's highly recommended. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snapshots from Alor Island, Indonesia

Alor is actually an archipelago which consists of several small islands, located in East Nusa Tenggara.
However, the largest island in the Alor archipelago is also named Alor. It's a bit confusing, isn't it? Despite the confusing names, Alor Island offers an amazing landscape all around, surrounded by gorgeous blue sea, crystal clear water and white sand beaches! 

On Alor Island itself, there are several beaches. I get a chance to visit two of them! 

Paliboo Beach

I have to hold my breath when I arrive on this beach. Check out the view before me! OMG. It looks like the one that we normally see in travel magazines!! A long white sand beach with palm trees here and there, and… the turquoise blue sea at the far out… Gorgeous!
I could just lay here forever… The wind breeze makes it even more enjoyable. It's such a perfect place to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of city life! You will hear nothing except the sound of the waves… hmmm.. what else could we ask for? 

Maimol Beach 

Maimol beach is a popular hangout spot for the locals who live in Kalabahi, the main town of Alor Island. They love go on a picnic with families here or just hangout with their loved ones. The water is very calm, making it a perfect spot for a dip in the water. 

In the afternoon, this beach becomes very romantic as the sky turns its colour. For some reasons, I find the trees here are also romantic! Don't you agree with me? 

Kepa Island 

Once you're in Alor, you should check out Kepa Island. From Kalabahi, it takes only 30 minutes to get to this small island by a wooden boat. You can ask the boat's owner to wait for you or to come and pick you up at a certain time. They usually charge you per person, not per boat. It's around Rp 25,000.-/person/way. 

Kepa Island is blessed by white sandy beaches. It is also a good place for snorkelling, but please be careful because sometimes the current can get pretty strong! You have to use proper fins to fight the current. If you're not a good swimmer, I would advise you to just swim on the beach, and don't go too far!! 

I always love white sand beaches, especially when the sand is as soft as powder. And yes, that's the type of sand on Kepa Island! NICEEEE!!! 

Some part of the island is pretty rocky, but still beautiful! 

Time stops when you're on Kepa Island. You can have the beach all by yourself! Reading your favourite book, listening to your favourite music, sunbathing until you get some tanned on your skin. What a life! 

"It is almost impossible to watch the sunset and not to dream" ~ Bern Williams

Hope to see you again, Alor Island, Kepa Island and Alor archipelago! Next time I will dive here! ;)

Friday, August 01, 2014

Revisiting Dieng Plateau

About seven years ago, I wrote a post about Dieng Plateau. You can check it out here 

Now, after 7 years, I revisit Dieng again. It's always nice to return to Dieng Plateau in Central Java, especially since my Grandma's village is not that far. Plus, I really love the air here.. it's freezing cold! :D

What do I do in Dieng Plateau this time?

1. Visiting Telaga Warna 

It is such a peaceful place here.. and how lovely the colour of the lake!

2. Visiting Dieng Temple Compound

Dated from 17th century, this compound consists of eight small Hindu temples that are among the oldest temples ever built in Java. 

3. Walking in the woods

Living in the big city like Jakarta, I almost "never" walked outside of the house. Really. I walked only when I was travelling. So, being in Dieng, it would be such a waste not to walk in the woods. Surrounded by big & tall trees all around, fresh air, walking in Dieng Plateau was such a lovely thing to do! It was indeed a luxury for someone coming from Jakarta to be able to smell the scent of nature… 

4. Eating local french fries

Dieng is one of the main producers of potatoes in Indonesia. Try the local french fries and see if you like it! There are many food vendors selling french fries and some of them even have some seasonings to be added to your fries, such as: cheese flavour, barbecue, pizza, and many more! Yummm… tasty! 

 5. Buying & tasting Carica 

Carica is the type of fruit similar to papaya, but smaller. In Dieng, they sell it in small packages and add sweet syrup. It's perfect for dessert!! 

There are other things to do and some other tourist spots to visit in Dieng Plateau. The best thing is to stay at least one night here and spend two days exploring this beautiful & historical place. Enjoy being back to the nature! Don't forget to bring your warm clothes!! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sweet Place to Stay: Echo Homestay

(West Sumatera trip, June 22 - 26, 2014)

Of all the hotels we stayed during the Minangkabike trip, there was one accommodation that was full of charm and characteristics: Echo Homestay in Harau Valley, Payakumbuh, West Sumatera. 

Once you get here, you'd be amazed by the landscape around you. High granite cliffs, valleys, rice paddy fields, all the green landscape you can handle, it's there.. waiting to be appreciated by you. This place is truly a hidden gem! 

Echo Homestay has a number of bungalows that are very cozy and gives you a homey feeling. Some of the bungalows have 2-4 bedrooms and bathrooms and the rate varies started from Rp 360,000 - Rp 900,000.- for the whole bungalow. Perfect for a big family! It also has some "bachelor" cottage, which are very cute and basic.. and the rent is only Rp 90,000.-/night! 

What I love most from this place is the vibe. It's very peaceful and quiet. It also offers you fresh air and great landscape. Not to mention, you'll see some wild monkeys walking around and jumping from one branch of tree to another, happily. Isn't it lovely? But, don't forget to close your doors and windows, especially if you have some snacks in the room, or you'll have some "uninvited guests" accompanying you & enjoying all your food…. the monkeys! Hahaha.. 

Kids also have big yards to run around. In the mornings, some kids of the waiters love screaming out loud and hearing their voices echoing between the valleys. It's super cool! 

If I have the opportunity, I would definitely return to this peaceful place and stay with my family… to recharge, relax, and celebrate the beauty of life! 

For more info about places to go in Indonesia, you can visit 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Lovely Coffee House in Batu Sangkar, West Sumatera

(West Sumatera trip, June 22 - 26, 2014)

Bumpy road, little alleys, I have no idea where the driver is heading to. I'm in Batu Sangkar, a little town in West Sumatera, together with a group of travel bloggers on "Minangkabike Trip" organised by the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Republic of Indonesia. 

Finally… the car stops. I see a sign "Kiniko". Apparently, he takes us to a small coffee house in the middle of nowhere in Tabek Patah area. "Kiniko" means "kini" in Indonesian language, which translated to right now or present time in English.

Entering the coffee house, my eyes fall on the number of traditional snacks and different types of coffee in nice packaging that are laid on the racks. "Is this a coffee house or snack shop?", I ask myself. But hey, don't judge the book by its cover! Walking down to the other side of the coffee house, you'll be surprised by what's waiting for you there… 

An open door area with lush garden overlooking mountains and green landscape! Whoaaaa!!! My heart jumps happily! I don't expect this view at all!!! 

It's such a perfect place to spend your afternoon, sipping their homemade coffee and traditional snacks, surrounded by beautiful landscape and fresh wind breeze. So relaxing and peaceful. I also love the way they put the chairs and tables. Some of us can sit on a mattress like Japanese style, while others can sit on wooden chairs while playing "congklak" - one of Indonesian's games famous among children in villages. 

"Kiniko" coffee house also offers different types of coffee. Coffee with ginger, coffee with herbs, and many more! And what's even better is… all the coffee here is free of charge! Really. Isn't it awesome? It's such a nice gesture and really represent the hospitality of the locals here. 

The coffee house also sells cinnamon sticks for a good price. The sticks smell really good and you can dip them into your cup of coffee to add more flavour. In the kitchen, a lady is busy cutting off the long cinnamon sticks with her bare hands. I bet her hands smell good everyday! 

Oh… while you're in West Sumatera, don't forget to try "Teh Kawa". When I first taste it in Harau Valley, I can't figure out whether it's tea or coffee. It tastes like tea, but it also tastes like coffee. Pretty confusing! Apparently, it's tea that are made of coffee leaf! Ohhhh.. no wonder it has both tastes! The "Teh Kawa" looks even more exotic (not only the taste) as they serve it in a cup that's made of coconut shell. Love it. 

For more info on traveling in West Sumatera, please visit .