Small Thing that Made Me Happy

Yesterday evening, when I was reading “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon, suddenly my cellphone was bipping. It was a text message from my friend in Edinburgh, Scotland. The content made me happy. Very. It was such a surprising message. Guess what? He’s coming to Bandung on Monday to start teaching English!!!

Oh my God! I was so surprised, yet happy and excited! Couldn’t believe that he was that serious in pursuing his will on teaching English in Asia! Wow. Two thumbs up for him! 🙂

His name is John. He was my colleague when I studied in Amsterdam. We went to the same university, but different major. Couple of months ago, he mentioned about his desire to become an English teacher. Then he took a course for English teaching to get a license or certificate. This certificate will smoothen his path to teach English abroad. He told me that he’s interested in teaching English somewhere in Asia. So, I told him to consider Indonesia as one of the choices. And.. he did :).

One day, he sent me sms and told me that he got a job interview in Bandung (the interview was conducted over the phone). He asked me about the city as he remembered that I got my bachelor degree from a uni there. (such a good memory he has, I spoke to my self)
So I described the city and what I loved most about it…. at that time, I didn’t expect that he was really about to take the job there!!!

It was raining hard outside, but I was so happy to know the fact that one of my colleagues is coming to Indonesia. Am still happy and excited now. It would be nice to meet him again after almost 2 years! Didn’t imagine before that we would meet in Indonesia, my home country… not in Europe :D. Such a cool surprise. I just hope that he’d love Bandung and feel comfortable working there… 🙂 (otherwise, I would feel bad, huh?) Oh, fortunately Bandung isn’t far away from Jakarta, so we could hang out together just like when we were studying in Amsterdam. Nice!!

Ah well… another friend of mine just proved that the phrase “When there is a will, there is a way” does work. If you want something so bad, u’ll better fight for it… and u will eventually get it 😉 …

CIA YO!!! ^-^

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