PoTenTiaL BoyFriEnD, ToY BoY or JuSt FRiEnDS?

Girls react differently to different type of guys. A lot of time guys do not have any idea on how we [girls] think. A lot of time guys get wrong impression from the way we behave. Below are some insights for you guys, so that you have some hints when approaching a girl that you adore 😉


When girls meet a guy who is smart, nice, friendly, humorous, independent, easy-going, has a good attitude, and not boring [in the sense of: we can discuss anything with him!], we might want to get to know him better and wish to get closer with him. Especially if the guy meets all the requirements to be our so called boyfriend.

Yes, admit it or not, girls do have some requirements for a BOYFRIEND. Every girl has different criteria and the criteria that I mentioned above are the must-have-characters of my boyfriend to be :).
When meeting the guy who has all the criteria, I have a sort of “alarm” in my mind and will automatically categorize and put him in a “Potential Boyfriend” box… and keep it there.

This is how I normally react when meeting a “Potential Boyfriend”:

• Will be cheerful, even more cheerful than I’m used to

• Will say YES to any dinner invitation

• Will reply to his sms right away [except when I’m on a meeting]

• On the phone, I’ll be a good listener for him 

• Will not do any stupid things in front of him

• Being extra careful in whatever I do [this will include kissing scenes and other activities that involves romance] and sometimes playing hard to get [of course, girls don’t want the guy to think that we’re an “easy” type of girls who can easily fall for someone and do anything to make him happy and “satisfied”… well, maybe some girls won’t agree with me, but I believe with the phrase “easy come easy go”. So, I personally won’t do anything that I might regret in the future]

• Will not mention about other guy in the Potential Boyfriend box, if there’s any. [hey, it’s legal to have several candidates!]

How do I feel when I meet my “potential boyfriend”?

• Nervous, that’s for sure!

• Will think twice, three times or even four times before sending sms, phone calls or email to him

• A lot of time I cancelled all the desires and attempts to send sms or to call him 

• Feel hesitate to contact him first [I wait for him to contact me first! Maybe it sounds so conservative as we live in a digital age.. heukekeke.. but, hey… I’m just being me!] If at the end I’m the one who contact him first, it must be a result from the action no. 2 [please see the second bullet points]. And believe me, it’s not an easy thing to do!

Lately, I find it difficult to fill in my “Potential Boyfriend” box. I met some of the potential ones, but as time goes by, either I felt bored with them, they didn’t have self-confidence to go after me, or they just wanted to play around. For the first and second type of guy, I will just simply move them from the “Potential Boyfriend” box to “Just Friends” box. But, for the third one, I will move them to another box, which is a “Toy Boy” box.

What is a “Toy Boy”, by the way? (to be continue)

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