On the sun and shiny Sunday (May 2nd, 2004), I had a birthday and also graduation day celebration. =) Actually my birthday was on April 29th, 2004… however, it was easier to do it on Sunday. =)

Thanks to both of my aunts. They cooked and prepared EVERYTHING… on the other hand, I did NOTHING ! Hahahhaa… =D They made delicious Indonesian dishes, such as: ketupat, opor tahu & telor, tumis buncis, ayam kecap, tumis jamur pedes, bakmi goreng, perkedel jagung, perkedel kentang, and acar ! Hmmm.. yummy !!! Not to mention the snacks: lapis legit, ketan, pudding and kue mangkok! Woohooo… lekker !!! Bulek Ninik (my mom’s sister) also brought an apple tart and also strawberry tart for me. I was so happy… even my friends were so happy just to see the food ! hahahahhahaa… so funny !

For this party I didn’t invite so many friends. As a matter of fact, most of my friends has already left The Netherlands. Yes, so sad, indeed. :(I only invited the ones that I’m really close with… because the first idea of the party was to create a warm vibe in the party. I would be stressed if they were lots of people as I normally have the feeling to “take care” of everyone’s mood, which is quite impossible to do, aight? 😉
Therefore, I only invited Martijn, Bram, Piet, Anna, Ires, Renaldi, Susi, Cecil and Vica. Too bad that Cecil and Vica couldn’t come as the latter is going to have a wedding in the morning !

Bulek Ninik, Om Jan, Hanny, SyQ, Tante Sam, Om Cal, Afra, Tante Stan, Opa Rud, Hilda and her husband, Okki and his wife, Tante Syanne, Lia and of course Kakak Kilynn were there. The happy family gathered all together ! =) It was nice. The weather was nice, too so we could sit on the terrace, chatted while Bram, Martijn and Piet played guitar and sometimes they even sang together. Perfect. =) They were sooo good. I would love to record them. Hahaha.. seriously!

So, all day we were eating, chatting, laughing, singing a bit and playing guitar (the boy band gang). Everybody said that they had a good time and it was a very nice party. Yes, I also had a good time and it was a very enjoyable party indeed. =) However, the conversation with Piet today reminded me that I will leave the country in about one month from now ! Huhuhu… so sad.. 🙁 but on the other hand, I also wanted to go back to Indonesia, meet my family, friends and start working ! What a confusing feeling. =P

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