This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine…

Which one is more miserable: being with someone that you don’t love or being with no one?

My answer is: being with no one.

I’d rather being single than being with someone that I’m not fully in love with. I can imagine that it will be such a torture every time I have to see the person or spend the time together, yet on the other hand my heart isn’t fully there…

Therefore, I feel sorry for you, my dear friend…

You said it yourself that you’re not in love with your partner. You’re not even sure whether you want to spend the rest of your life with the person. I can understand that you don’t want to hurt the person, but… since I’m your best friend, I’d love to remind you… please don’t hurt yourself… don’t force to love your partner if you can’t.

Stay true to yourself.
I’m sure that you actually know the answer of all these puzzles.
You’re just afraid to admit it.
You’re just afraid to say NO to someone who is so fragile
You’re afraid because your partner has become so dependent on you
In which, you told me, it’s quite troublesome in the end

Since you often asked me: “What should I do?”
As your best friend, I would say: just be honest. If you feel the “relationship” isn’t right for you, just cut it off. Before you’re carried away and put yourself in a deeper hole, in which it’ll be difficult to escape…

Some people feel uncomfortable to be single
Some people try to feel secured by having a girlfriend/boyfriend
But… why do we have to feel unsecured of being alone?
Why do we need other person to feel complete and content?
Does it mean that we’re not even close to ourselves?
Does it mean that we’re not even feel comfortable to spend the time only with ourselves?

I was afraid to be alone once
But years ago, a conversation with a good friend of mine made me realized that I don’t need to be afraid of that (thanks to Nugi! ☺)
As long as I stay close to myself, I can enjoy any situation, with or without a partner by my side ☺

My dear friend,
Probably you’re afraid of being “alone”
I know it’s uneasy and that’s normal
One time, you told me that people needed to express their passions
Which is true
But, don’t you think it’s better to save your passions and express it to someone who you’re fully attracted and in love with?

Can’t you think that pretending to love someone is worse than telling the truth?

I hope you find a clarity, dear
And have the guts to fight for your own feelings
Sacrifice isn’t always a good thing
You call it a compromise, but you know it by heart that it’s a sacrifice
Can you stand to sacrifice your happiness for the rest of your life?
While for the past few months you’ve been already complaining about your current situation, all these dilemmas and confusions?

Please don’t hurt yourself
I know it takes time to collect all the small pieces of courage together,
that are now still scattered on each corner of your heart
But, when the time comes… be brave
As everyone has to fight for their own battle 😉
And I’ll be here for you
To cheer you up and witness your bravery
When you win the battle that has been disrupting your heart
All these months

Take care and be true to yourself, my dear friend
I’d love to see real happiness in your eyes…

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