What is dream?

For me, dream has two meanings: a series of scenes that I “experience” when I sleep and things that I want to experience or achieve in a real life.

This time I will only discuss the latter definition of dream.

Some people live in their dreams for too long and don’t realize that they’ve gone too far. It’s like living in their own world. They become unrealistic and “unreachable”.

On the contrary, there are people who afraid to have dreams. I talked to several people who don’t know what they want in life nor what they want to achieve. They simply live their life day by day without knowing where it leads them. Well, it’s true that most of the time we don’t know what will happen to us, but for me, having an objective is important as it avoids me from feeling completely lost. At least I know where I’m heading to… and for sure there will be unexpected things coming along the way– favorable and unfavorable ones – but that will be another task to take care of.

I realize that I have many dreams. There are just so many of them. And sometimes it makes me feel as if I’m living in two worlds at the same time. How can I manage my life to make those dreams come true? I realize that life is short. Thus, I really have to manage my life and time smartly.

Some of my dreams have come true (thanked God!). That’s where I allow the two worlds to draw near. Actually, there is a bridge that links what I do with what I would love to do. And then, slowly, my dreams take over my everyday life and I realize that I’m ready for the things I always wanted.

To make my dreams come true, I notice that all I needed is a little daring and faith. And the two worlds can become one. (sometimes I still need to remind myself about this, especially whenever I feel down)

So, let’s not be afraid of having dreams. Dreams motivate us to grow. But, always try not to dream too much without doing anything real. Let’s try to build the bridge that links the two worlds together. Pieces by pieces, step by step… as this bridge will eventually brings us to our dream world, in real.

And I still need that bridge to take me to the dreams that haven’t come true… yet.

I’m working on it.

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