Indonesian Media Finally Covered “The Best Job In The World”

Finally Indonesian media covered the campaign of “The Best Job in The World” by Tourism Queensland. I’ve been wondering all these past few weeks, the news on this campaign hasn’t hit the national media in Indonesia yet, while the media in other countries has already covered it and still!

I decided to pitch the story to and here’s the result! Yayyy!!!, one of the main online news portals in Indonesia published two articles on “The Best Job in The World”.
Please click here to read the articles:

1) “WNI Lolos Kontes The Best Job in The World di Australia”
2) “Pemenang The Best Job in The World dibayar Rp 1.2 Milyar”

And another article in VivaNews, titled “Kontestan Asal Indonesia Masuk 50 Besar” in which you can read it here.

Hopefully there will be more articles appear in other Indonesian media soon! 🙂

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