Help! I’ve accidentally deleted your comments!

Dear readers,
After disappearing from blogosphere for a couple of months, I’ve made a “small” mistake. I logged-in to my blog and read all the new comments… but then I did a stupid mistake, I clicked “Reject” instead of “Accept”! Aarrrrggghhh…. *(*&^%$#!#@%^$# How could I do such stupid thing???!!! (probably it was the side effect from getting online at 4 o’clock in the morning! Ouch!! *I cursed myself*) Having realized what I’ve done, then I clicked the “Back” button and clicked “Accept”, but then it didn’t work. Sniff sniff…. Am annoyed now :((. Dammnnnnn it!!!

So, am very sorry for those who had written some comments on my postings, but couldn’t see them. My bad… :(( I didn’t mean it. And I thankful for those comments… as always, your comments make me happy!! 🙂
(well, if you still remember what you wrote, u could always rewrite again… hehehe… hmm.. am I asking too much now? 😀 or.. does anyone know how to get those comments back? if you do, would you mind showing me how to do it?) 😀

Anyway… thank you for everyone… and again… very sorry! I definitely have to get used to blogging again before I forget how to write a post!!!

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