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I’ve finally made up my mind
After living in Singapore for over 1 year plus half year of traveling around South East Asia, I’ve decided to ship all my stuff back to Jakarta, my lovely city in Indonesia

I felt a bit sorry for all my stuff, because they’ve been laying around in the storage room for almost half year… didn’t know where to go as I’ve always traveled around and couldn’t made up my mind on where to stay next…

But this time, I’ve made a decision
Will tell you later when everything is fixed 😉

I spent two days packing all my stuff in Singapore, preparing them to be shipped back to Indonesia
Honetly, I didn’t expect that I would have so much stuff after living in the “lah Land for almost one and a half year! Whoaaa!!!

Anyway… on my “last night” here… I thought I would feel sad… but HELL NO!!!
It’s weird.
If you know me better, then you would think that I’m easily touched with a melancholy situation
I thought I would be
But.. surprisingly, I didn’t drop any single drop of tears…
Whoa.. that’s something!
Of course I would miss my friends in Singapore, but…. I know that I have MORE of good friends in Jakarta! Yayyyy!!!
And I think, as I grow older and more matured (I hope)… I think this is just a phase of life that I have to go through… another city goes, another city comes… c’est la vie… 😉
And I’m so looking forward for what life has to offer for me!
Omigod… I’m so excited!


🙂 Good bye Singapore… somehow I feel that I’m still a part of you… at least until my residence permit is expired! ;D
But… above all, I’ve had a wonderful year here… it’s definitely an easy place to live for expatriates in South East Asia! Seriously 🙂

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